Andre Agassi Reveals Clever Tactic In Rivalry With Boris Becker In This Old Video

Andre Agassi, known for his incredible returns, once revealed a secret weapon he used against his rival, the serve-volleying legend Boris Becker.

Andre Agassi Reveals Clever Tactic In Rivalry With Boris Becker In This Old Video

During the 1990s, Agassi and Becker engaged in a fierce rivalry.

In the world of top-level tennis, every detail matters. When players frequently face each other, they often pick up on subtle cues and patterns. This was certainly the case for Andre Agassi and Boris Becker, two of the greatest tennis players in history, whose rivalry was legendary.

Recently, a video that was shot 3-4 years ago surfaced in which Agassi revealed a surprising detail that helped him gain the upper hand against Becker. According to Agassi, the key to his success lay in an unexpected source: Becker's tongue movement.

Known for his exceptional return game, Agassi noticed that Becker had an unconscious habit of sticking out his tongue in the direction he planned to serve. This small but significant win gave Agassi a crucial advantage. Picture Becker preparing to deliver one of his powerful serves, while Agassi, with keen observation, watched his tongue for a clue.

Watch the video here: 

The challenge for Agassi wasn't just returning Becker's formidable serves; it was maintaining his composure and not revealing that he had cracked Becker's code.

"The hardest part was not returning his serve," Agassi says in the video. "The hardest part was not letting him know that I knew this."

Agassi's ability to keep a straight face and feign ignorance allowed him to outplay Becker, who was left baffled by Agassi's seemingly uncanny ability to predict his serves.

Years later, over a pint of beer, Agassi finally confessed his secret to Becker. Becker was stunned, admitting, "I used to go home all the time and just tell my wife that it's like he reads my mind!"

This keen observation by Agassi's sharp mind and strategic approach to the game cost Becker six trophies.

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