Anand Mahindra's Post Could Help You Decide Where You Should Travel Next

Where should your next holiday be? Find out below.

Anand Mahindra's Post Could Help You Decide Where You Should Travel Next

Anand Mahindra's post will help you decide your next holiday destination.

Travelling has taken a hit amid the coronavirus pandemic. Since governments across the world began to impose lockdowns in March this year, people have been staying indoors as much as possible to avoid exposure and control the spread of the virus. In such a scenario, it might seem strange to see businessman Anand Mahindra sharing a game of sorts to help his Twitter followers decide their next holiday destination - but there's a twist to it that makes complete sense.

This morning, the Chairman of Mahindra Group took to Twitter to share a mathematical game that would help his followers decide whether they should travel. In his post, next to a set of instructions, a list of holiday destinations is written down with a number next to each one. For example, next to one is New Zealand, next to two is Mexico, three is Canada and so on. 

The post he shared asked people to choose any number between one and nine, multiply it by three, add three to the resulting number, add the two digits together and reveal the number they get as the final answer. 

The destination written next to the final number they get is where they should travel next.

What destination did you get?


The clever twist in this puzzle is that no matter what number you choose in the first step, the final answer will always be nine - which is "Stay at home".

"Brutal! But accurate..." wrote Anand Mahindra while sharing the puzzle, which has been praised on the microblogging platform for reinforcing the need to stay indoors in a clever way.

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