This Article is From Jun 23, 2017

5-Storey Building Has A Road On Its Roof. See Pics To Believe It

The unique road can be found in a complex in the hilly, congested city of Chongqing

5-Storey Building Has A Road On Its Roof. See Pics To Believe It

The five-storey building has shops on the ground floor and a car park facility on the other floors

Photos of an unusual road have gone viral on Chinese social media. Why? Because the road is on the rooftop of a 5-storey building.

In an interesting take on urban planning, a building in the bustling Chinese city of Chongqing has a two-lane public road on its terrace, complete with trees lining the street and shops. The road runs around the entire complex which is situated in a hilly neighbourhood and built below ground level. The ground floor of the building houses several shops and the rest of the floors have a car parking.

Enjoy some more photos of the architectural marvel

And if you're worried about the noise, special equipment blocks noise from vehicles on the road, reported Daily Mail.

Here's a video of the road

The city of Chongqing has a population of 8.5 million and the city has often taken an uncommon and sometimes bizarre approach to urban space management. The city is famous for its mind-boggling flyovers and pedestrian bridges that go as high as 13 floors.

Chongqing is also home to the famous railway line that passes through a residential building.Click for more trending news