This Article is From Dec 19, 2014

10 Photos From 2014 That Almost Broke the Internet

10 Photos From 2014 That Almost Broke the Internet
The year of 2014 has been one of change. It's been a magical year for sports and entertainment, and a year of things that went 'viral'.

Presenting the top 10 of the year's most discussed, shared, and 'liked' pictures:

1. Let's begin with the picture of India's Mission to Mars that made the world stop and take note of the magnificent work being done by the scientists at ISRO. MOM was successful, just like all moms are, and the world bowed its head in respect.#MOMRules


Source: ISRO

2. Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India and the world was watching when he was sworn in.

modi swearin in.jpg


3. Any 2014 list with no mention of Asian Games 2014, is no list at all and here's another look at the heroes of our nation who brought gold, glory and a lot of smiles back to India.#Respect

asian games 2014 gold.jpg

4. It was an especially good year for the entertainment industry, beginning with this epic selfie with a star-cast that any movie producer would kill to have. #OscarSelfie


Source: AP

5. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan set aside their differences and came together to celebrate Salman's sister Arpita's nuptials. The picture of the three of them probably caused Twitter/Facebook programmers some sleepless nights. So. Many. Shares.

shahrukh_salman with arpita.jpg

6. A very, very cute ace tennis player came, saw, played, danced and then ate a very big naan. And suddenly a cricket-crazy country found itself court-side with Roger Federer, spellbound and reeling in love. #FedExInIndia

federer in india_collage.jpg

7. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was in the news for the better part of the year. A peek at the who's who, dunking themselves with freezing water.#IceBucket

ALS ice bucket.jpg

8. This picture of US President Barack Obama in the Oval Office had many in tears because they just could not stop laughing. Most bored toddler ever. #NotCoolObama


9. Yuvraj Singh touched Sachin Tendulkar's feet. The web finally broke. D'aaaaaaw!



10. For some reason, THIS was the most 'liked' picture of 2014 - Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West. #Meh