Complaint Against Owners After Massive Fire At Kolkata Market

The firefighting operation in Kolkata's Bagri Market is still on, three days after the blaze started.

Complaint Against Owners After Massive Fire At Kolkata Market

A massive fire broke out in central Kolkata's Bagri Market area on the night of September 15.


The fire at Kolkata's Bagri Market was mostly brought under control except for some parts on the top floors, firemen said on Tuesday. Authorities filed a complaint against the owners for not putting having fire safety arrangements in place. 

The firefighting operation is still on, three days after the fire started. 

"I can say that almost 90 per cent of the fire is under control. The disaster management team is trying to arrest the last remaining pocket fire on the top floors," said Tushar Kanti Sen, Deputy Director (East Zone), West Bengal Fire and Emergency Services.

He said the firefighters were using gas-cutters to cut open the shutters of the shops where and that thick smoke was causing problems. "The smoke will continue to cloud the interiors for next two-three days, even after the entire fire is put out," he added.

In the market's BCD block, flames were seen afresh. 

Small pockets of fire were also visible. The fire brigade personnel were trying to find the sources of the flickering fire.

State Fire Services Minister Sovan Chatterjee said his department had filed an FIR against the owners of the estate of the market.

"FIR has been launched against the owners of Bagri market for not having proper firefighting arrangements. No safety measures were followed," Mr Chatterjee, who is also the Mayor of Kolkata. 

Talking about precautionary measures that will be taken to prevent such disasters, Mr Chatterjee said: "We will try to remove all the obstructions that created hindrance in firefighting in Bagri market. There are encroachments outside various shops in not just Bagri market but many other places. They will be instructed to remove it."

He said the Kolkata Municipal Corporation had marked various markets and houses as vulnerable. Many of them have taken precautionary steps and equipped themselves with reservoirs, sprinklers, fire extinguishers but others haven't done anything.

"We will take steps in a sustainable and continuous process," Mr Chatterjee said.

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