Now, Congress Youth Leader Hacked, Killed In Kerala. Again, CPM Blamed

Sunil Kumar, who was murdered this morning, had recently switched sides from the CPM to the Congress


  • 2 political workers killed in Kerala in less than a month
  • RSS and Congress activists hacked to death
  • CPM supporters blamed for both
Thiruvananthapuram: Early this morning, Sunil Kumar, a leader of the Youth Congress, was hacked to death in Alappuzha, 160 kms from the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram.  Mr Kumar was attacked with knives outside his home, said the police, which has detained four supporters of the CPM.

Ahead of the elections that are to be held in May in Kerala, violence has escalated in the state where the Congress-led coalition hopes to remain in power.  In the last month, two political activists were killed after being attacked with knives; in both cases, CPM workers have been accused of the killings.

Sources said that Mr Kumar, who was murdered this morning, had recently switched sides from the CPM to the Congress and that earlier this week, he had allegedly attacked two Left student activists.  His killing was allegedly in revenge for that assault.

Earlier this month, an RSS worker named AV Biju was seriously injured after being assaulted with knives while he was driving young students to school in his auto in Kannur, notorious for decades of violent clashes between the CPM and the RSS, which is the ideological parent of the BJP. Five CPM workers have been arrested for Mr Biju's assault.

Last month, RSS activist Sujith was hacked to death in his home in Kannur in the presence of his parents, who were injured when they tried to stop the assault.  Eight CPM supporters have been listed as the accused.

Last night, nearly 20 people were injured in the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram in clashes between BJP and CPM workers.  BJP spokesperson V Rajesh said that the CPM is organizing attacks to intimidate its workers because the party is making gains in Left strongholds.

CPM leaders, however, say the BJP is provoking attacks by Left cadres to win "sympathy votes" and that its own activists have also been injured, allegedly by BJP members.