Siddaramaiah sworn-in as Karnataka Chief Minister


May 13, 2013
15:46 (IST)
Mr Siddaramaiah announced the waiving of loans given to Scheduled Castes and Tribes, other Backward Castes and minorites and an increase of subsidy on housing for the poor from Rs 75,000 to Rs 1.25 lakh per unit.

Bhagyalakshmi beneficiaries, whose power connection had been cut due to non-payment of bills, will have a one time waiver and their power reconnected. The subsidy per litre of milk would be increased from two to four rupees to benefit farmers starting from today. And the promised 30 kg of rice per month at just one rupee per kg to below poverty line families would start in June.

May 13, 2013
15:08 (IST)
Pictures of swearing in of K Siddaramaiah

May 13, 2013
14:46 (IST)
The new Chief Minister says he is going to Delhi either tomorrow or day after to discuss cabinet formation with the Congress high command.
May 13, 2013
14:26 (IST)
A 50 year-old Congress supporter died after attending the swearing-in ceremony at the jam packed Kanteerava stadium, police said.

The deceased was identified as Manjappa, a resident of Bangalore, who collapsed near gate number seven while coming out after the function attended by nearly 50,000 Congress supporters from across the state.

May 13, 2013
14:03 (IST)
Speaking to his supporters in Kannada, Mr Siddaramaiah thanked the people of Karnataka for giving a clear mandate to the Congress. He also thanked Congress President Sonia Gandhi and and Vice-President Rahul Gandhi for giving him the chance to be Chief Minister. He assured the people gathered that his government would deliver on the poll promises.

May 13, 2013
12:17 (IST)
Thousands cheer as Siddaramaiah sworn-in as Karnataka Chief Minister
The ceremony was held in Bangalore's Kanteerava Stadium due to the sheer number of people attending.
May 13, 2013
12:10 (IST)
About 50,000 people, including family members and relatives of the Mr  Siddaramaiah, were present at the grand swearing-in ceremony that was marked by cheers, applause, patriotic fervour, music and folk dances under a cloudy sky and breezy weather.
May 13, 2013
11:56 (IST)
The new Chief Minister is expected to head to Delhi now to discuss his new Cabinet with the party leadership.
May 13, 2013
11:55 (IST)
Among the galaxy of VIPs and political leaders present were central ministers from the state Mallikarjun Kharge, M. Veerappa Moily, K. Muniyappa and Reheman Khan, as well as Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy.

May 13, 2013
11:43 (IST)
Governor HR Bhardwaj administers oath to K Siddaramaiah. He takes oath in the name of truth, not God.

May 13, 2013
11:39 (IST)
Who is Siddaramaiah?
Mr Siddaramaiah, who has the distinction of presenting as many as seven state budgets as Finance Minister, pipped veteran Congress leader and Union Labour Minister M Mallikarjuna Kharge in a straight contest.
May 13, 2013
11:31 (IST)
Mr Siddaramaiah was chosen on May 10 as the Congress Legislature Party leader in a hotly-contested race, edging out party veteran and Union Labour Minister M Mallikarjuna Kharge.
May 13, 2013
11:31 (IST)
64-year-old Siddaramaiah will be sworn in alone by the state Governor H R Bhardwaj; 50,000 people from his home district Mysore and nearby areas are expected to attend.
May 08, 2013
17:02 (IST)

People were disappointed with the internal problems in BJP. We humbly accept the defeat. We will sit in opposition and do our work, says Venkaiah Naidu

May 08, 2013
17:00 (IST)
Karnataka election results: Chidambaram turns TV reporter, Jaswant Singh candidly responds
Buoyed by the Congress' showing in Karnataka, Finance Minister P Chidambaram, in a lighter moment, turned into a TV reporter today. The senior Congress leader grabbed a mike from a television reporter and thrust it front of senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh as the latter emerged from Parliament.
May 08, 2013
17:00 (IST)
"We accept people's mandate; will resign this evening," says Karnataka Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar

May 08, 2013
14:52 (IST)
Not disappointed with performance: Deve Gowda, JD(S) chief
  • Not disappointed with performance
  • People have asked us to sit in the opposition
  • On question of father-son party 'what can I say about national parties?'
  • No point debating corruption in Parliament
  • Let the Congress give good clean governance - people have given them a chance
  • Will contest Lok Sabha alone
May 08, 2013
14:34 (IST)
In pictures: Congress begins celebrations
With the Congress slated to take over the Karnataka Assembly, celebrations have begun across the state.
May 08, 2013
14:31 (IST)
May 08, 2013
13:46 (IST)

May 08, 2013
13:37 (IST)

May 08, 2013
13:14 (IST)
Siddaramaiah deserves to be considered for chief minister: Veerapa Moily
  • Siddaramaiah deserves to be considered for chief minister. He has done a good job
  • I have not indicated that I want to be chief minister, aspiring to be chief minister is not a sin. I never asked for oil ministry. I was given in interest of the nation
  • Leader in Karnataka has to be made in the interest of the state. Full co-operation with Centre and state leadership
  • BJP is so insensitive to the judiciary, the CBI matter is sub-judice. We are waiting for the court's verdict. The Parliament is the platform for discussion. These matters must be discussed
  • BJP has fallen to the third place in Karnataka. There is no introspection. On the national front this will happen to them again
May 08, 2013
13:08 (IST)
Karnataka election results live: Desperate for development Bangalore boots BJP out
A sense of the change in political winds in Karnataka is also evident with how Bangalore has voted. The state capital, which favoured the BJP last time with hopes of development, has given the latter a thumbs down, opting instead for the Congress.
May 08, 2013
12:55 (IST)
I am the strongest contender for chief minister’s post, says Congress’ Siddaramaiyah

  • We will give a pro-people government, a corruption free government to the people of Karnataka
  • BJP must know that people were fed up of their corruption
  • I want to thank Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh (calls him Manmohan Gandhi by mistake)
  • Rahul's rallies made a difference in Karnataka
  • No Modi factor in Karnataka
  • I am a strong contender, CM decision will be made by congress high command

May 08, 2013
12:29 (IST)

Janardan Dwivedi on Congress' win

  • I see it differently
  • Respect of the present
  • It is the loss of the policies of the opposition and their ideology and views are not accepted by the public
  • It is the win of the policies of Congress
  • It is a loss of our opposition's policies

May 08, 2013
12:22 (IST)
Congress workers celebrating throughout Karnataka

May 08, 2013
12:02 (IST)

Congress General Secretary Madhusudan Mistry, Rahul Gandhi's aide says:

    • Can't say who will be the chief minister. MLAs can choose their leader
    • Can't say if someone from the Centre will come to rule in Karnataka
    • I congratulate the people of Karnataka. The President, Vice-President worked very hard along with the Congress leaders to ensure victory in Karnataka
    • There was hardly any governance in Karnataka for the past two-three years. It was disgusting
    • Rahul rallied in nine places. It is not a small thing. Not a joke
    • The chief minister will be decided as early as possible

    May 08, 2013
    12:00 (IST)
    May 08, 2013
    11:51 (IST)
    Congress high command to decide who will be chief minister: Mallikarjun Kharge, Union Minister, to NDTV

    • If the Congress party thinks I am fit for the office then I can be considered
    • I should not be considered because I am a Dalit
    • Whatever the high command decides, I'll abide by that 
    • In Congress party everybody is capable and it is up to the high command to decide
    • After elections Congress will send observers
    • MLAs will also be taken into consideration
    • Ultimately the party high command will take the decision on who will be chief minister
    May 08, 2013
    11:36 (IST)
    Message is no Modi... Karnataka ki janta ne desh ko sahi disha di hai, says Salman Khurshid
    May 08, 2013
    11:27 (IST)
    Congress workers have started celebrating in Mysore

    May 08, 2013
    11:16 (IST)
    We will sit in the Opposition, says JD(S)'s HD Kumaraswamy
    • Even now I have failed to get the blessings of North Karnataka numbers
    • We will fight against Congress like we fought against BJP
    • We will sit in the Opposition; Congress will not come to our house, there are other small parties
    • Our party is not a father-son party. Because of Deve Gowda there is an opposition to the Congress in Karnataka
    • I want to resign as an MP and retain my MLA post
    • I want to stay in Karnataka and win the confidence of the people
    • People have given Congress one more chance
    • Siddaramaiah is Congress decision
    • He is totally antagonist to the party; he is working to finish JD(S) here
    • We can't decide who will be Congress chief minister
    • How the Congress will present the next chief minister nobody can predict

    May 08, 2013
    10:49 (IST)
    Karnataka election results: Congress set for big win, but who will be chief minister?
    The Congress looks poised to form the next government in Karnataka but it could have another fight on its hands. There now appears to be a tough race within the party for who the next chief minister will be.
    May 08, 2013
    10:43 (IST)
    Congress leads hit the half-way mark - 112. JDS pushes BJP to No 3.
    May 08, 2013
    10:38 (IST)
    Karnataka Leads (223/223)


    May 08, 2013
    10:32 (IST)
    Karnataka election results: BJP staring at defeat, says split hurt the party
    For the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), it appears to be game over in Karnataka. The party, which broke into the Congress' bastion, forming its first government in the state five years ago, now appears to be struggling to garner even half of the 110 seats it won last time. BS Yeddyurappa, who quit the party last year, has only added to its woes.
    May 08, 2013
    10:28 (IST)
    Congress' Rajiv Shukla to NDTV:

    • Congress will form the government, that was on expected line
    • BJP has reached number three and we will for the government
    • Exposes propaganda unleashed by BJP leaders

    May 08, 2013
    10:19 (IST)

    BJP's Prakash Javadekar to NDTV

    • Different sections of society vote differently but one leader does make a difference
    • We are a thinking party and we will definitely take lessons from this
    May 08, 2013
    10:17 (IST)
    Congress' Jitender Singh says:

    • BJP has been exposed in front of the people
    • They are not allowing parliament to work
    • I believe Congress will come in majority now
    • We have been benefited with Rahul Gandhi ji's work  

    May 08, 2013
    10:16 (IST)
    Some issues with counting machines, leading to slow counting in my constituency, says Dr G Parameshwara, President, Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee.
    May 08, 2013
    10:16 (IST)
    Congress now leads in 103 seats, JD(S) second at 43, BJP has only 39. Leads in 15 seats still awaited.
    May 08, 2013
    10:07 (IST)
    Congress now leads 100 seats
    May 08, 2013
    09:56 (IST)
    BJP will do well in areas where Narendra Modi campaigned, says Sadananda Gowda

    BJP's Sadanada Gowda on poll trends

    • Not the time to comment right now. We will wait for another hour. Changes could happen
    • JD(S) is doing better than BJP. We could not do as expected. It is a setback
    • Don't know why this is happened and how. Will have to analysis the situation
    • Yeddyurappa has been effective us to a considerable level
    • Anti-Congress mindset in Karnataka as well. Expected 130 seats but that hasn't happened either
    • On coalition I cannot say anything, will have to decide
    • Numbers very less. Very surprised
    • BJP will do well in areas where Modi campaigned

    May 08, 2013
    09:54 (IST)
    Both sons of former Chief Minister S Bangarappa are trailing. His son Kumar Bangarappa is a Congress candidate while the other son Madhu Bangarappa is a JD(S) candidate.
    May 08, 2013
    09:48 (IST)
    Karnataka polls: Yeddyurappa spoils BJP's party but little cheer for his KJP
    BS Yeddyurappa has achieved part of his agenda in these elections. He has ensured a BJP defeat. What he has not done is convert the BJP's losses into gains for his newly formed Karnataka Janata Party (KJP).
    May 08, 2013
    09:47 (IST)
    Congress workers already prepping for celebrations outside party office
    May 08, 2013
    09:43 (IST)
    We are paying the price for holding on to principles: BJP's Ravi Shankar Prasad tells NDTV

    • My take is once the Lok Sabha elections are there national issues will come to the fore
    • This accidental fluke victory of the Congress because of the split in BJP votes
    • The BJP will do not as badly as you are apprehending. We will certainly remain the second largest party
    May 08, 2013
    09:42 (IST)
    Congress state party chief Dr G Parameshwara trailing in his Koratagere constituency
    May 08, 2013
    09:35 (IST)
    Early leads show HD Kumaraswamy, not BS Yeddyurappa, seems to be the kingmaker in this election
    May 08, 2013
    09:32 (IST)
    Karnataka polls: Congress dismisses Narendra Modi magic, says he is an RSS man
    Senior Congress leader K Siddaramaiah today said even Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi campaigning in the state has not been able to arrest the BJP's slide. "What magic he (Narendra Modi) has? No magic," he said, on being asked about Mr Modi's impact. "He is an RSS man, Karnataka is a secular state," he added.
    May 08, 2013
    09:31 (IST)

    Nothing can be ruled out. BS Yeddyurappa is part of the larger ideological parivaar: Chandan Mitra on Yeddyurappa's return to BJP
    May 08, 2013
    09:28 (IST)
    BJP only concerned about copybook records: Congress' Abhishek Manu Singhvi

    Rahul Gandhi has gone into difficult states, he has also done Karnataka, but he is not tom-tomming it. BJP only concerned about copybook records: Congress'Abhishek Manu Singhvi
    May 08, 2013
    09:25 (IST)
    JD(S) has been a surprise factor in this election, leading in 26 seats.
    May 08, 2013
    09:23 (IST)
    This is a local election, so Narendra Modi or Sonia or Rahul Gandhi's presence is irrelevant here: people of Karnataka told NDTV
    May 08, 2013
    09:20 (IST)

    We don't want to overexpose Narendra Modi in an electoral battle so soon: BJP's Chandan Mitra on why Mr Modi campaigned so little in Karnataka

    May 08, 2013
    09:13 (IST)
    Sealed ballot boxes before counting began
    May 08, 2013
    09:00 (IST)
    In Karnataka, big gains for Congress, BJP trails

    An hour into counting of votes in Karnataka, the Congress has got over a sluggish start to show big gains in early trends. It is also already clear that the BJP is not staging a comeback.
    May 08, 2013
    08:59 (IST)
    Congress' Harish Rawat says:

    • I have full confidence that Karnataka's public will give us full support
    • And once again Congress will form a Government
    • I am confident that for stability the people will support us

    May 08, 2013
    08:49 (IST)
    Of the 43 seats that leads were available for at about 8.49 am, the Congress was leading in 18, the BJP in 15, the Janata Dal (Secular) in five and BS Yeddyurappa's KJP in two.
    May 08, 2013
    08:47 (IST)
    Our mandate is providing stable government: Congress' Karnataka chief Dr Parameshwara

    Congress' Karnataka chief Dr G Parameshwara says:

    • Congress mandate is providing stable government
    • After the first and second round, we will get a clear indication as to who is leading
    • People of Karnataka know the real colour of BJP, have been trying to educate the people for who is good for them
    • My analysis: we should cross 120 seats
    • The high command will decide the chief minister. Party will elect a leader
    • Having many leaders in Karnataka is an advantage and also a disadvantage

    May 08, 2013
    08:43 (IST)
    Karnataka election results 2013: In early trends, BJP in big trouble
    Counting has begun in Karnataka and leads are rolling in fast. Early trends show the ruling BJP is in trouble, seeming to concede ground in about half their seats. But the Congress is not yet gaining big either.
    May 08, 2013
    08:36 (IST)
    The BJP's Meeankshi Lekhi has attributed the BJP's poor showing to the split in votes caused by the exit of Mr Yeddyurappa, who had won the BJP the 2007 elections and its first southern state.
    May 08, 2013
    08:34 (IST)

    BJP's senior leader and former chief minister Sadananda Gowda had admitted that the party was looking at only around 80 seats. If early trends turn to results that figure could be much lower.  

    May 08, 2013
    08:34 (IST)

    The majority mark in the 224 member assembly is 113. Last time the BJP won 110 - and made up the difference with the help of independents.

    May 08, 2013
    08:33 (IST)
    Narendra Modi has no magic, says Congress' Siddaramaiah
    When asked whether Narendra Modi's magic did not work in Karnataka, Congress' Siddaramaiah said, "What magic, Modi has no magic."

    He also says people wanted a clean, stable government so voted for Congress and that if the party comes to power in Karnataka, it will definitely make an impact on voters in the 2014 general elections.

    May 08, 2013
    08:30 (IST)
    The question of aligning with the JDS does not arise at all, says Congress' Siddaramaiah
    May 08, 2013
    08:22 (IST)
    Early leads say BJP is leading in three seats, but is down five seats.

    The Congress and JDS are leading in two seats each and Yeddyurappa's party, KJP, is leading in one.

    May 08, 2013
    08:12 (IST)
    70-year-old BS Yeddyurappa stepped out for his morning walk this morning, a little before counting began.
    May 08, 2013
    08:11 (IST)
    First leads in: Congress 1, KJP 1
    May 08, 2013
    08:05 (IST)
    Counting of votes for the 224 seats of Karnataka assembly begins.
    May 08, 2013
    08:01 (IST)
    Not nervous, says Jagadish Shettar ahead of results
    "No matter what the circumstance may be, I keep calm and never worry too much. Yes, I do feel bad that I didn't get much time. But even in the little time I have done some good work," the Karnataka Chief Minister told NDTV.
    May 08, 2013
    06:59 (IST)
    The counting of votes for Karnataka Assembly elections will begin shortly. There are total 35 counting centres. The final outcome should be known by early afternoon.
    May 05, 2013
    19:23 (IST)
    71% voter turnout recorded at the end of polling.
    May 05, 2013
    18:35 (IST)
    Bangalore which has earned notoriety for low polling, the balloting pace remained slow with only around 45 percent of the city's seven million voters exercising their franchise until 5pm.
    May 05, 2013
    17:55 (IST)
    Voting has picked up in the final hours. Voters wait in a queue to caste their votes for assembly elections at Chikmagalur.

    May 05, 2013
    17:35 (IST)
    After a lull in voting during the afternoon, the turnout has picked up. 61 per cent of voters have cast their ballots till 5 pm across Karnataka. There is less than half an hour now left for casting your vote.
    May 05, 2013
    17:32 (IST)
    Talk about being holy! JD (S) state president HD Kumaraswamy, wife and JD(S) candidate from Channapatna Anita Kumaraswamy and Son Nikhil offer prayers to a cow before casting their votes at a polling booth for assembly elections in Ramnagar in Bangalore.

    May 05, 2013
    16:35 (IST)
    For in-depth coverage of the Karnataka polls, click here
    Will BJP get a second chance in the state or will BS Yeddyurappa play spoilsport for them? This  analysis, ground reports, pictures, videos and many other stories on the Battle for Karnataka page .
    May 05, 2013
    15:52 (IST)
    About 40 percent of the 43.6 million voters cast their ballots till 2 p.m. in the 14th Karnataka assembly polls Sunday to decide the fate of the first BJP government in south India, an official said in Bangalore.

    The capital city which has earned notoriety for low polling, the balloting pace had yet not picked up as only 30 percent of the city's seven million voters exercised their franchise, an election official told reporters.
    May 05, 2013
    15:49 (IST)

    Many consider May 5 an auspicious day to get married. But wedding celebrations wasn't an excuse for this couple in Hubli not to head out and vote. As voting is in a single phase in the state, who will marry who for the next five years to form the government? Congress and KJP? Or BJP and  JDS? 


    May 05, 2013
    15:16 (IST)
    Searing heat slowing down voter turnout in Karnataka
    After an initial burst, voter turnout in the Karnataka Assembly polls lost momentum in the afternoon apparently due to the searing heat, with an estimated 25-30 per cent voters exercising their franchise till 1 PM.
    May 05, 2013
    14:31 (IST)
    Four people were arrested in Kolar after clashes between supporters of two candidates erupted outside a polling booth. Video footage shows how men brandishing swords got into arguments, with police trying to calm the situation. The picture below is a grab taking from that video footage.

    May 05, 2013
    13:10 (IST)
    Just about 15 percent of the 43.6 million voters have cast their ballot till 11 am in the 14th Karnataka assembly polls Sunday, an official said in Bangalore.
    May 05, 2013
    11:45 (IST)
    Karnataka's biggies get out to vote

    Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy steps out of a polling booth in Bangalore

    Mohandas Pai, former member of the board at Infosys casts his vote in Bangalore.

    Karnataka Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar voting in Hubli

    Veerappa Moily, Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas casting his vote in Bangalore.

    Congress leader and former Member of Parliament from Karnataka, BK Hariprasad, after he casts his vote in Bangalore

    BJP General Secretary and Member of Parliament from Bangalore South, Ananth Kumar stepped out early this morning to vote

    May 05, 2013
    11:30 (IST)
    Brisk, enthusiastic polling marks Karnataka election
    Polling for the Karnataka Assembly elections began on a strong note today. Authorities have made elaborate security arrangements for peaceful and smooth conduct of polls, which commenced at 7am.
    May 05, 2013
    10:33 (IST)
    Confident we will form the govt in Karnataka: BJP's Venkaiah Naidu
    Senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu who voted in Bangalore this morning said he was confident that people would vote the BJP again and the government would see Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar returning to the post.
    May 05, 2013
    09:03 (IST)
    I will get absolute majority, says Yeddyurappa
    Mr Yeddyurappa, the BJP's first Chief Minister who quit the party last year and set up the Karnataka Janata Party (KJP), was among the early voters from his constituency of Shikaripura. "Here, I am going to get absolute majority. We will be the single-largest party and will form the government," he said.
    May 05, 2013
    08:50 (IST)
    NDTV's Radhika Iyer reports from Kuvempunagara government school in Mysore district, one of the 52,000-odd polling stations in Karnataka: Advancing polling from 8 am to 7 am has helped beat the heat. Many early risers were already out with indelible ink on left index finger.
    May 05, 2013
    08:37 (IST)
    NDTV's Radhika Iyer reports from the ground: Huge downpour in Varuna, South Karnataka, which is the constituency of Congress' possible chief ministerial candidate Siddaramaiah. A blessing for the Congress candidate from Lord Varuna himself?
    May 05, 2013
    08:18 (IST)
    Congress will get 125 or more seats, says Siddaramaiah
    Leader of the Opposition an Congress' Siddaramaiah says his party is not in talks with either Janata Dal (Secular) or B S Yeddyurappa's KJP. "We will not need any help from any party," he says.
    May 05, 2013
    07:46 (IST)
    As many as 1.35 lakh police personnel - 60,000 from the state, 20,000 home guards and rest from Central paramilitary and neighbouring states - have been deployed for the single phase poll in which more than 4.36 crore people are eligible to exercise their franchise.

    May 05, 2013
    07:31 (IST)
    Former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa was among the early voters. Mr Yeddyurappa quit BJP last year and is contesting the election under the banner of his new party, the Karnataka Janata Paksha (KJP). He said after voting, "We will have absolute majority. I am going to win the elections. KJP will be the single largest party, the atmosphere for the polls in the state is good."

    May 05, 2013
    07:23 (IST)
    Voting has begun for 224-member Karnataka Assembly.
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