This Article is From May 19, 2018

"I'm A Fighter": What BS Yeddyurappa Said In His Resignation Speech

'I'm A Fighter': What BS Yeddyurappa Said In His Resignation Speech

BS Yeddyurappa said he will I will sacrifice his life for to serve the people and save the farmers.

Bengaluru: A 20-minute emotional speech by BJP's BS Yeddyurappa at the Karnataka assembly ended with him quitting as the chief minister, just two days after he was sworn in. The BJP, which won 104 of the 222 seats for which polling was held, were eight seats short of majority. The Congress and JDS combine claimed the support of 117 lawmakers. The Supreme Court had ordered BS Yeddyurappa to take a strength test today, overruling the governor's generous 15-day period. Minutes before the vote, Mr Yeddyurappa delivered a speech, calling himself a fighter and that his fight will continue.

Here are the top quotes of BS Yeddyurappa's Resignation speech:

  1. Dear Kumaraswamy, I am a fighter and I will continue my fight until my last breath

  2. I will resign as the chief minister of Karnataka and won't go against the spirit of the democracy

  3. Whether I have power or not, my life is for the people

  4. I assure the people of the state, I will fight with all I have and win 28 of the 28 seats in the Lok Sabha elections

  5. Congress leaders did not have the confidence of their own leaders. They did not even let their families talk to them over the phone. I hope all of their family are in peace watching this

  6. I want to stand for the right things. I have been able to do this only with the love and support of people and of the farmers

  7. I want to serve the people of the state and save the farmers. For this, I will sacrifice my life. Until the farmers see a respectful day, I will fight

  8. People's mandate did not go to the Congress and neither did it go for the JDS. In-spite of this, both these parties acted like opportunists

  9. There is nothing that I don't have. I am content but I have the pain of not being able to serve in the position to take this state to great heights

  10. If we got 113 seats, the picture would have been extremely different

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