Narendra Modi addresses rally in Jammu


Dec 01, 2013
13:55 (IST)
Narendra Modi addresses rally in Jammu and Kashmir for the first time as BJP's prime ministerial candidate.

Following are the highlights:

I was given an opportunity to work and visit 'zillas' districts of Jammu
A man just presented a 25-yr old picture, appreciate it, refreshed old memories
Gujjar people used to tell me that they are connected to Gujarat hence their name 'Gujjar'
Happy to see you all here turnout in huge numbers
This is a historic rally
I would like to remember Maharaja Hari Singh today
Kashmir wouldn't be in this state had Hari Singh still been around
He used to work for the society
He welcomed dalits into our religious places like temples
Was Nehru's thinking right or Shama Prasad?
It is evident that Shama Prasad's view on Kashmir was right
But Nehru dismissed Shama Prasad
Delhi government is asleep
I don't believe that 1.5crore public can wake them up
Seems like they will remain asleep through 2014
Innocent Indians were killed in Pak prison
Sarabjit was killed brutally and Jamel Singh was killed in a similar manner
Had the Indian government acted when Jamel Singh was killed, maybe Sarabjit could've been saved
Some have found a jadibuti to escape accountability, responsibility --- Secularism
Nehru ji on 370 had said that it would fade with time
They use 370 as a protective cover (kawach)
Hence they don't discuss matters of concern
Jis law ke liye Congress prides itself, is it being implemented in Kashmir?
Till when will these double standards be allowed?
SC, ST, OBC - In India they get rights on all fronts
But shouldn't the people of J&K have access to these rights?
There is corruption here, government is corrupt
The rights that Omar gets, his sister doesn't get the same rights
This isn't a fight between the Hindu's and Muslims
There should be equal rights
On basis of separate, they have promoted separatism
Instead of dreaming of a Separate state they should have focused on making a super state
Atal ji showed us a path for a Super (J&K) state
J&K can't stand on its own two feet
It must approach Delhi for everything
J&K isn't a beggar state
'Beggar' ka kalank mitana he ki nahi?
Enough of 'Beggar' days... its time to move on

Nov 21, 2013
15:30 (IST)
Narendra Modi addresses rally in Agra: highlights
  • It seems Uttar Pradesh has an internal competition - Jhansi topped Kanpur, there was Bhairaich and now Agra has topped all venues
  • Due to some circumstances, there was a change in my plans and you had to wait in the hot sun for three hours. I apologise
  • This is a historic land for various reasons
  • When we showcase India, we first present the image Taj Mahal
  • Tourists come to Agra from the across the world.
  • Estimates say tourism industry will be worth $ 3 trillion. But will Agra get anything? Don't think so
  • The reason is the government in Delhi is indecisive about what to prioritise
    Should there not be an international airport in Agra?
  • If their Minister belongs to a smaller place, they will build an airport but not for Agra, which has drawn tourists of the world
  • Centre and State keep passing the buck and no one does anything
  • We're on the banks of the Yamuna but even 60 years after independence, Agra doesn't have sufficient drinking water
  • Those sitting in Lucknow do not know what the common men and women want. That is the reason you are not getting water
  • Political pundits are saying will Gujarat model work anywhere. But, I ask, should people get clean drinking water
  • In Gujarat, we have taken Narmada waters right upto the Pakistan borders, through the desert
  • The pipeline is so large that my friend Akhilesh can take his family in a Maruti car and drive through that pipeline
  • Can this not be done here?
  • Political pundits ask me, will the Gujarat model work elsewhere? Gujarat set up a pipeline, you can build a canal but do something to get water to the people 
  • We should focus on value addition that will help the farmers
  • Development isn't a priority with the Congress
  • They are used to vote-bank politics. They collect 25% of the people and neglect 75% of the people
  • By nature, the Congress is a divisive party. They believe in divide and rule
  • Congress,Samajwadi Party, BSP are trying to outdo the other in vote-bank politics
  • Samajwadi Party, BSP have borrowed vote-bank politics from the Congress and have embellished it.
  • It is a result of Congress's sins that Samajwadi Party, BSP have been spawned  
  • The BJP promises to not indulge in vote-bank politics and talk only  of development
  • BJP is driven by principles of nationalism and integration. We do not want to those who divide people
  • If we follow development agenda then these issues of casteism, communalism, dynasty politics will stop
  • People from here who come to Gujarat told me it is not easy to live there in Agra
  • Till when will  the youth of our villages keep having to leave their homes in search of employment?
  • Uttar Pradesh has no electricity but in select places there is electricity 24x7. Why this discrimination and injustice?
  • There is a shortage of electricity because there is no coal. Why is there no coal? Because it was stolen.
  • Have you ever kept coal under lock and key in your homes? Have you ever heard of coal being stolen?
  • When Supreme Court started a probe in to the coal scam, they lost the file. Aapki toh file kho gayi hain hamari toh life kho gayi hain
  • The Congress leaders are not bothered about corruption. They feel it is a part of politics
  • There was a minister from UP - who said that he didn't believe a minister could have embezzled 70 lakhs. He said he could have believed it if the accusation was for 70 crores
  • Their arrogance is at its zenith. They refuse to acknowledge the people of this country as a potent power
  • We need to rid this country of the Congress and the Samajwadi Party and BSP. Till we throw, them out we can't get in change
  • I assure you this country is not poor, we're capable of new heights. Unfortunately, the governments we've had aren't capable

Nov 21, 2013
15:10 (IST)
Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kalyan Singh at Narendra Modi's Agra rally:

Gujarat me bijli jaati nahi aur UP me bijli aati nahi

We were also chief ministers. Riots didn't occur then. This government (Samajwadi) can't stop riots.

Nov 17, 2013
12:47 (IST)

Narendra Modi addresses rally in Bengaluru:

  • My heartiest congratulations to Bharat Ratna awardees Prof CNR Rao and Sachin Tendulkar
  • Our Bengaluru has been in the history even before Independence
  • Bengaluru is the first city which saw full electrification
  • I can see saffron waves rising from across the region. What a delightful sight!
  • Bengaluru has made a mark as a knowledge city
  • These days attacks on BJP and Modi are sharpening. The sight today explains why. They simply cannot digest it
  • After Silicon Valley, if there is another city where IT is a focus area, it's Bengaluru
  • Our youth have demonstrated themselves all over the world with excellence in IT sector
  • Under Vajpayee ji, a different IT ministry was created. Systems were put in place and it became a focussed area
  • In 2003 a new policy on science and technology was made. In 2000 IT Act was made. Atal ji gave importance to science, technology
  • In 2003, Atal ji spoke of the moon mission from Red Fort. That dream of Atal ji's was fulfilled in 2008 due to scientists and youth
  • Under Atal ji's government, the growth of IT prefession was 30%, under UPA 1 it came down to 9%
  • Great men are far sighted. But when system falls in wrong hands what happens you know very well
  • The government could have established premier institutes for our Railways employees
  • Sadly they made Railway also connected with politics. Due to this Railways in a problem
  • There is a competition going on - whether the value of the rupee will go down or UPA government's reputation
  • The Rupee is falling, looks like UPA's rupee is in ICU
  • Current Account Deficit (CAD) has lead the country into a deep economic crisis
  • CAD is high because we aren't exporting enough
  • We are not exporting as much as we should. IT was big export but that growth stopped.
  • And then UPA promotes pink revolution - export of meat
  • I want to ask the UPA govt: the incentive scheme you have started for slaughter houses, you should have introduced similar schemes for Karnataka's software export
  • It would have saved our cattle
  • New schemes and incentives being given for those who want to export mutton. But schemes could be given to youth here
  • See their priorities. BJP's cow protection Act has been removed so vote-bank politics goes on
  • In Delhi, their first decision was repeal POTA so that terrorists and Maoists get a free hand
  • We are blessed that we have a vibrant democracy. Our other strength is we are most youthful nation in the world
  • We have such a vibrant democracy, but the UPA government does not have any vision for our youth
  • Every country in the world is focussing on its youth
  • Has the government in Delhi given you employment? (Crowds shouts 'No')
  • There is no coal, they even ate up the coal files
  • And they tell the court that these files are lost. The reality is, the whole government is lost.
  • The whole world is focusing on skill development. But what our government did? They have allocated just Rs 1000 crore for skill development.
  • A small state like Gujarat has allocated Rs 800 crore for skill development.
  • In 2008, PM National Council on Skill Development was formed. 25 days later another committee was formed
  • For more than two years, there was no work. There was only silence. In 2011, they opened Skill Development Advisory Office. And then, in 2013 they shut down everything that was made
  • And finally they make a Skill Development Agency. What work they will do only time will tell
  • It is Congress' way to strangle democracy. It happened during Emergency and is happening now. They are scared of social media now
  • Every person is speaking out on social media
    Delhi government is trying to restrict social media because they don't believe in democracy
  • Recently, I&B Ministry sent an advisory which was akin to a threat
  • The advisory said why did you telecast Modi's speech? He is nobody, just a Chief Minister of a small state
  • The government in Delhi issued a 'fatwa' in the name of an advisory
  • We all respect Lata Mangeshkar. A few days ago, she said if Modi becomes PM, it will be good for country
  • Our UPA leaders went crazy... you won't believe, they said take her Bharat Ratna away
  • I say everyone is free to express his views in a democracy
  • Even Goldman Sachs said BJP's prospects have gone up since they've put Modi in front
  • They also said the state of India's economy will improve
  • It was an international organisation but what it said made Congress leaders angry
  • The government in Delhi is in power not because of numbers, it is surviving because of CBI
  • They say if someone earns Rs 26 a day, he is not poor. But you tell me, can he run his family in Rs 26? Is he not poor?
  • You can't even buy 300 gm onion in Rs 26
  • They are mocking the poor
  • During the Wankhede match, when Sachin was playing, people were busy placing bets on whether Sachin will hit a century or onion prices
  • Should I stop? You people are standing in the sun, I am worried. (Crowd says no) This is your love for me
  • UPA 1 removed onions from essential commodities and today poor are unhappy
  • Congress leaders once held a meeting with onion. They asked, 'Daam itne high kyun hai?' Onion said, 'Aapne pyaaz ke chhilke utar dine, hum pyaaz ne socha aapki sarkar ke chhilke utar denge.'
  • India should decide how it wants to be in the next 8-9 years
  • We can progress and empower our farmers
  • To achieve prosperity on its 75th anniversary, each city, each village needs to have a vision

Nov 17, 2013
12:11 (IST)

Modi has reached Bangalore Palace grounds from HAL airport by helicopter.
Nov 17, 2013
09:44 (IST)
  • This is Narendra Modi's first rally in Bangalore since being named BJP's prime ministerial candidate
  • Mr Modi will land at HAL airport in the city and take a helicopter to and from the venue - Palace Grounds. he is scheduled to speak after 12 noon
  • BJP says the turnout will be in lakhs. The party also says that more than 3 lakh people have already registered for the rally paying Rs 10 each.
  • There is tight security in the city ahead of Mr Modi's rally, 5000 police personnel on duty
  • The venue was secured by police two weeks ago and 80 CCTVs have been installed there
  • The BJP has arranged buses and trains to ferry people to the venue
  • However, rain could be a dampener; there is cloudy weather in Bangalore after heavy rain yesterday
  • An anti-Modi rally too is planned in the city at the same time
Nov 17, 2013
09:41 (IST)
There is tight security in Bangalore ahead of Mr Modi's rally today:

Nov 17, 2013
09:37 (IST)
Modi to address rally in Bangalore today, BJP hopes to regain lost ground in South
Narendra Modi will be in Karnataka today, the only south Indian state his party ever ruled before losing it to the Congress in Assembly polls in May this year.
Nov 17, 2013
09:36 (IST)
Narendra Modi will be in Karnataka today, the only south Indian state his party ever ruled before losing it to the Congress in Assembly polls in May this year.
Nov 08, 2013
13:27 (IST)
BJP cadres are blaming the tight security for the low attendance for Mr Modi's rally
Nov 08, 2013
13:25 (IST)
Seats have not yet filled up at the rally. The venue has a capacity of 70,000
Nov 08, 2013
13:23 (IST)
Narendra Modi's Bahraich rally on as UP government gives security clearance
Narendra Modi's Bahraich rally: Narendra Modi's rally in Bahraich today is on with the Uttar Pradesh government giving it security clearance this morning, only hours before the BJP's prime ministerial candidate is scheduled to land in this politically important region that sends 17 MPs to the Lok Sabha.
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