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TIPPAPUR (THPR) Railway Station

  • Name : TIPPAPUR
  • Station Code : THPR

Tippapur Railway station is situated in Tippapur, Telangana. Station code of Tippapur is THPR. Here are some trains that are passing through Tippapur railway station like Med Pass, Ned Pass, Kcg-bdhn Pass, Mmr-kcg- Pass, Bdhn-mbnr Pass, Mmr Pass, Bdhn-mzl Pass, and many more.

Trains passing TIPPAPUR (THPR) Station:

Name Number Source Destination Runs on
MED PASS 57594 Source H SAHIB NANDED Destination MEDCHAL Runs on All Days
NED PASS 57593 Source MEDCHAL Destination H SAHIB NANDED Runs on All Days
KCG-BDHN PASS 57473 Source KACHEGUDA Destination BODHAN Runs on All Days
MMR-KCG- PASS 57562 Source NAGARSOL Destination KACHEGUDA Runs on All Days
BDHN-MBNR PASS 57474 Source BODHAN Destination MAHBUBNAGAR Runs on All Days
MMR PASS 57561 Source KACHEGUDA Destination NAGARSOL Runs on All Days
BDHN-MZL PASS 57502 Source BODHAN Destination MIRZAPALLI Runs on All Days
MZL-BDHN PASS 57503 Source MIRZAPALLI Destination BODHAN Runs on All Days
KCG-NZB PASSENGER 57601 Source KACHEGUDA Destination KARIMNAGAR Runs on All Days
NZB-KCG PASSENGER 57602 Source KARIMNAGAR Destination KACHEGUDA Runs on All Days

TIPPAPUR (THPR) Railway Station Map:

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