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ALD-JNU-PASS (54108) Route, Time Table, Schedule

Number 54108
Destination ALLAHABAD JN (ALD)

54108 Ald-jnu-pass is a Passenger (PAS) which is running between Jaunpur Jn (JNU) and Allahabad Jn (ALD). Ald-jnu-pass covers total journey of 114 kilometers. At 05:35 it departs from Jaunpur Jn and at 10:10 it arrives at Allahabad Jn. 54108 Ald-jnu-pass has total 19 stopping station like SHUDNIPUR (SPPR), BARSATHI (BSY), UGRASENPUR (URPR) etc. between both source and destination stations. Check here 54108 Running status

Last one week running status of the ALD-JNU-PASS
13th May RT
12th May 1 Hr 13 Min
11th May RT
10th May RT
9th May 24 Min
8th May 1 Hr 27 Min
7th May RT
6th May RT
Current Location of the Train (13th May)JAUNPUR JN ( JNU )
Check Running Status
Train Avg. speed 25 km/hr
Journey Distance 114Km.
Train Travel Time 4 Hr 35 Min.
Type of Train PASSENGER (PAS)
Train Running schedule Daily (All Days)

ALD-JNU-PASS - 54108 Train Schedule

Stations Arrival Departure Halt Distance Day
Stations JAUNPUR JN Arrival starts Departure 05:35 Halt - Distance - Day 1
Stations ZAFARABAD JN Arrival 05:44 Departure 05:45 Halt 1 m Distance 6 km Day 1
Stations KAJGAON TERHWAN Arrival 05:58 Departure 05:59 Halt 1 m Distance 10 km Day 1
Stations SALKHAPUR Arrival 06:11 Departure 06:12 Halt 1 m Distance 14 km Day 1
Stations SHUDNIPUR Arrival 06:22 Departure 06:23 Halt 1 m Distance 19 km Day 1
Stations MARIAHU Arrival 06:34 Departure 06:35 Halt 1 m Distance 24 km Day 1
Stations WARIGAON NEWADA Arrival 06:43 Departure 06:44 Halt 1 m Distance 28 km Day 1
Stations BHANAUR Arrival 06:53 Departure 06:54 Halt 1 m Distance 32 km Day 1
Stations BARSATHI Arrival 07:05 Departure 07:06 Halt 1 m Distance 39 km Day 1
Stations JARAUNA Arrival 07:17 Departure 07:18 Halt 1 m Distance 45 km Day 1
Stations JANGHAI JN Arrival 08:23 Departure 08:25 Halt 2 m Distance 54 km Day 1
Stations BARYA RAM Arrival 08:38 Departure 08:39 Halt 1 m Distance 63 km Day 1
Stations UGRASENPUR Arrival 08:48 Departure 08:49 Halt 1 m Distance 69 km Day 1
Stations PHULPUR Arrival 08:58 Departure 08:59 Halt 1 m Distance 77 km Day 1
Stations SARAI CHANDI Arrival 09:11 Departure 09:12 Halt 1 m Distance 89 km Day 1
Stations THARWAI Arrival 09:27 Departure 09:28 Halt 1 m Distance 95 km Day 1
Stations PHAPHAMAU JN Arrival 09:36 Departure 09:37 Halt 1 m Distance 101 km Day 1
Stations PRAYAG Arrival 09:53 Departure 09:58 Halt 5 m Distance 107 km Day 1
Stations ALLAHABAD JN Arrival 10:10 Departure Ends Halt - Distance 114 km Day 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What time ALD-JNU-PASS depart from JAUNPUR JN Railway Station?

ALD-JNU-PASS (54108) departs from JAUNPUR JN Railway Station at 05:35.

How much time ALD-JNU-PASS take to reach ALLAHABAD JN Railway Station?

ALD-JNU-PASS reach on day 1 to ALLAHABAD JN Railway Station. The arrival time of ALD-JNU-PASS at ALLAHABAD JN Railway Station is 10:10.

Distance covered by ALD-JNU-PASS?

ALD-JNU-PASS covers 114 km to reach ALLAHABAD JN Railway Station at average speed of 25 km/hr. ALD-JNU-PASS passes through 19 stations.

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