"Slept Late, Woke Up To Gunshots": Salman Khan To Cops On Firing

Salman Khan Firing Case: A four-member team, including an officer of the Mumbai Crime Branch, visited Mr Khan's house on June 4 to record the statement of Mr Khan and his brother Arbaaz, police said.

'Slept Late, Woke Up To Gunshots': Salman Khan To Cops On Firing

Salman Khan House Firing Case: The actor's statement was recorded by Mumbai police. (File)

Actor Salman Khan has revealed that he woke up to the sound of gunshots on April 14 when two bikers fired shots at his home in Mumbai's Bandra. Police claim the shooters, hired by Lawrence Bishnoi's gang, had conspired to kill the 58-year-old film star.

A four-member team, including an officer of the Mumbai Crime Branch, visited Salman Khan's house on June 4 to record his statement and that of his brother Arbaaz Khan. The brothers were questioned for six hours. Salman Khan reportedly told the police that he realised his life was in danger and thanked them for their help.

In his statement, Salman Khan told the police that he had slept late after a party the night before the incident. The sound of a bullet that was later found to have hit his balcony woke him, he told the police. The actor said after he was jolted awake he went to the balcony to check and looked outside but did not see anyone.

Arbaaz Khan, who was at his Juhu residence at the time of the firing, said he was aware of the past threats from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang to his brother.

Salman Khan's statement was recorded for three hours while his brother was questioned for two hours. The brothers were asked over 150 questions, the police said.

Their father Salim Khan was also at the Bandra apartment when the firing took place but his statement was not recorded due to his age. According to sources, the crime branch will record his statement if required.

Six men have been arrested after two men on a bike opened fire outside Salman Khan's home on April 14. Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal were arrested in Gujarat, while Anuj Thapan and another man were detained in Punjab on April 26. Anuj Thapan died in police custody.

According to the police, the Lawrence Bishnoi gang had allegedly conspired to strike Salman Khan's car in Maharashtra's Panvel – where he has a farmhouse - armed with weapons sourced from a Pakistani arms supplier. Jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, along with his Canada-based cousin Anmol Bishnoi and associate Goldie Brar, had reportedly acquired AK-47s, M-16s, and other high-calibre weapons from a Pakistani arms dealer. The plan was to either ambush the star's car or attack his farmhouse, sources said.