Video: Airline Worker Falls Off Aircraft After Step Ladder Moved Without Signal

As per a report by The Sun, this incident occurred when the flight crew was preparing the TransNusa Airbus for takeoff. 

Video: Airline Worker Falls Off Aircraft After Step Ladder Moved Without Signal

The ground staff member seen falling off the airplane

A video of a TransNusa Airline ground staff falling off an Airbus A320 has surfaced online. The disturbing incident took place at the Jakarta airport in Indonesia.

In the clip, shared on X (formerly Twitter) by aviation consultant Sajay Lazar, the person is seen talking to the cabin crew while moving towards the door. The staff member, who seemed distracted by the conversation, didn't notice that the step ladder was no longer attached to the aircraft. The person lost his balance and fell on the tarmac. 

We can also spot another ground staff member pushing the ladder thinking that his team has deboarded the plane. Towards the end, a ground staff member can be heard alerting others about the incident. 

The video has triggered safety concerns for the airline crew and staff working at airports.

A user asked, “How did they remove the stepladder without the (aircraft) door closed? Isn't that basic SOP! This is the worst nightmare for any ground staff/crew.”

A person added, “The ground staff should be attentive while deboarding.”

Some prayed for the well-being of the ground staff.

Pointing at the person, who was recording the video, a user said, “I never understand how people are there at the right time in the right place to record such incidents.”

“Looks so painful. Could have been much worse,” read a comment.

Another person said, “The height is fatal or only a few injuries can happen from that height? I never realised the height while boarding or de-boarding.”

Questioning the protocol followed at airports, a user asked, “This is concerning what protocols this team would follow while inspecting the plane and engine when they did not bother a basic headcount or signal before removing the ladder.”

As per a report by The Sun, the crew member has suffered several injuries.