Video: Woman Bank Manager In Rajasthan Fights Off Armed Robber With A Plier

In Rajasthan's Sri Ganganagar, a brave branch manager uses pliers to thwart an armed robbery attempt. The courageous act was captured on CCTV.

The thief entered the bank branch carrying a knife to scare officials.

A video going viral on social media shows a woman employee stopping a bank robbery. The clip, captured by CCTV installed on the bank, shows the bank manager picking up pliers and forcing the knife-wielding robber to flee. The incident took place in Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan on Saturday, where Marudhara Gramin Bank was targeted. The branch manager has been identified as Poonam Gupta.

The masked attacker claimed he was part of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, according to the police. He has been identified as Lavish Arora.

In one of the clips, the robber is seen carrying a bag just before entering the bank branch. He leaves the bag at the entrance and enters the bank with a knife. In the second clip, from inside the bank, the man is seen threatening the bank staff.

After hearing the loud noises, Ms Gupta comes out of her cabin and confronts the attacker. He quickly moves around the branch, asking for money. He forces an employee to fill another bag he is carrying with cash. In the process, a plier falls from his pocket.

Sensing an opportunity, the branch manager picks up the plier and points it toward the attacker, forcing him to flee. She then shuts the main entrance of the bank.

The accused is a resident of Davda Colony in Sriganganagar and is being questioned by the officials of the Jawahar Nagar police station. The bank's management has also given a report to the police regarding the matter.

Police are looking into Lavish Arora's criminal past. Bankers claimed that at the time, Rs 30 lakh was held in the bank, which the lady bank manager's bravery prevented from being stolen.