Video: Wanted Assam Criminal Shot Dead In Gunfight With Cops In Busy Market

Afzal Hussain Barhuiya was one of the most wanted gangsters in Assam, the police said

Most wanted Assam gangster Afzal Hussain Barhuiya was killed in a gunfight


A suspected gangster who had multiple police cases against him was killed in a shoot-out with the police in Assam's Hailakandi district today.

He was one of the most wanted criminals in the state, the police said.

CCTV footage of the shoot-out shows the gangster, Afzal Hussain Barhuiya, and his aide coming in a Santro car to a market.

As soon as they saw the cops closing in, his aide got down and fled, while Barhuiya was on the driver's seat. A policeman tries to grab his hand, but he attempted to snatch the policeman's gun.

Soon, a gunfight broke out, and the gangster was shot.

The police said they had been tailing the car for several kilometres before trying to arrest him.

His aide has been arrested.