Video: Principal Gets Facial Done In School, Bites Teacher Who Caught Her

The principal was getting the beauty procedure done when she was supposed to be teaching.

A case has been registered against the principal and the block education officer has ordered a probe.

On Thursday morning, students at a school in Uttar Pradesh were deprived of an academic lesson because their principal was busy getting a facial, but possibly learned a valuable life lesson instead - facts are, sometimes, indeed stranger than fiction. 

Police officials said Sangeeta Singh, the headmistress of a primary school in Unnao district, was getting a facial done when she was supposed to be teaching students. The beauty procedure was being carried out in the area where food is cooked for students of the primary school in Dandamau village of Bighapur block and an assistant teacher, Anam Khan, caught wind of it.

Intent on catching the headmistress in the act, Ms Khan filmed a video of herself walking into the cooking area and coming across Ms Singh, who looked like she was in the final stages of her beauty regimen. In the video, a shocked Ms Singh can be seen getting up from the chair in a hurry while Ms Khan is heard saying "very good".

What followed, according to the assistant teacher and police officials, was that an angry Ms Singh chased after Ms Khan, thrashed her, and even bit her hand, leaving it bleeding. The assistant teacher also posted a video of the bite marks, and both videos went viral.

The block education officer has ordered an investigation against Ms Singh and the Bighapur police have registered a case after getting Ms Khan's medical examination done. 

Bighapur Circle Officer Maya Rai said, "We received a complaint from the assistant teacher of the school in Dandamau village that the headmistress was getting a facial done on the premises and beat her up when caught. We will take necessary action."

(With inputs from Gaurav Sharma)