Train Passenger Complains About Overcrowded Sleeper Coach, Railways Reacts

Reacting to the video, the official Railway Seva handle requested the user share the journey details.

Train Passenger Complains About Overcrowded Sleeper Coach, Railways Reacts

Several X users voiced their concerns regarding passenger safety.

In recent days several railway passengers have been taking to social media to show the dire condition of trains, which have been marred by overcrowding and ticketless passengers occupying seats. Now, an X user recounted his disappointing experience on Shramjeevi SF Express. The user, Vicky Kumar, shared a video showing a packed sleeper coach of the super-fast express train travelling from Delhi to Bihar. The crowded scenes sparked widespread debate and concern among social media users regarding passenger safety and the management of railway services. 

Tagging Railways Minister Aswini Vaishnaw, the X user wrote, "I know this is early morning and no railway officer will provide resolution as they are sleeping. Train no. 12392 Thousands of local passengers ride on the train in sleeper class. Kindly take action or keep sleeping." 

Take a look at the video below: 

The clip shows two to three passengers squeezed onto single seats, while numerous others stand in the narrow aisle space due to a lack of seat availability. The X user shared the video on Tuesday and since then it has accumulated several reactions. The post also caught the attention of Railway Seva, the official account for support to passengers. 

"We request you to please share the journey details (PNR/UTS No.) and Mobile No. with us preferably via DM," it said. In the following tweet, Railway Seva tagged the official X account of Divisional Railway Manager, Danapur, and wrote, "For necessary action escalated to the concerned official". 

Meanwhile, in the comments section of the post, numerous users voiced their concerns regarding passenger safety. "Early morning? When we travel in sleeping coach, it's normal that people enter sleeping coaches early morning, who will be travelling to near stops. Most would have woken up and those who will be sleeping, continue. I never thought, one day it would be a propaganda," wrote one user. 

"Don't allow ticket less passengers. Install CCTV in coaches to see if TC/RPF are doing their duty properly or not #Indianrailways ..adopt model of flight & you will see happy users. Not your prob. if people can travel or not..but if they want to travel they should have ticket," expressed another.