"This Is India's Time": Gautam Adani On India's Chandrayaan-3 Success

The unmanned Chandrayaan-3 touched down at 6:04 pm, becoming first nation to land a craft near the Moon's south pole.

'This Is India's Time': Gautam Adani On India's Chandrayaan-3 Success

Our nation's orbits continue to expand, said billionaire Gautam Adani as India successfully landed Chandrayaan-3 on the Moon. The unmanned Chandrayaan-3 touched down at 6:04 pm on the Moon's south pole, propelling the country to an exclusive club of four and making it the first nation to land on the uncharted surface.

"Congratulations, @isro! You are indeed the pride of the nation. A  country's ability to execute space missions reflects her confidence and this is India's time. A historic moment for our 1.4 billion citizens as our nation's orbits continue to expand. Jai Hind," tweeted Mr Adani.

The landing comes days after a Russian probe crashed in the same region and four years since the previous Indian attempt failed at the last moment.

Following Wednesday's successful landing, a solar-powered rover will explore the surface of the relatively unmapped lunar south pole and transmit data to Earth over its two-week lifespan.

The primary objectives of Chandrayaan-3 mission are threefold -- to demonstrate safe and soft landing on lunar surface; to demonstrate rover roving on the moon, and to conduct in-situ scientific experiments.

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