This Article is From Apr 30, 2010

The Cobalt-60 that may still be out there in Delhi

New Delhi:
There is the likelihood of deadly metallic pencils that carry the radioactive Cobalt-60 lying in the open somewhere in Delhi.

India's nuclear watchdog is investigating the Delhi University radioactive Cobalt-60 leak and has said Mayapuri, in the heart of the Capital, is still a big concern.

An extensive search is on for the nuclear metallic pencils believed missing and NDTV has exclusive pictures of this waste that carries deadly radiation.

The photographs above are a first look at the nuclear scrap material seized by the board. These pencils contain the Cobalt-60 that has already claimed one life in India's first case of radiation poisoning.

The first image (1) shows what is called the "cage". It has 48 slots to hold 48 Cobalt-60 pencils. There is only one pencil stuck in one of those slots.

In the second image (2) is a deadly pencil in a cylinder. The authorities have found 5 of these pencils.

The third image (3) is that of the actual Cobal-60-bearing aluminium pencil. Each pencil is about 24 cm long.

The fourth image (4) is of lead-lined bins with the nuclear waste inside them.

The regulatory board has issued a lookout for the missing pencils. It has also cautioned people to keep away if they come across these metallic pencils and immediately inform the police.


If you find these deadly pencils or anything like these, contact the police.

Do not touch or go near these pencils.