This Article is From Feb 15, 2014

Since Jan Lokpal was blocked, saw no sense in continuing as Chief Minister, says Arvind Kejriwal: highlights

New Delhi: In an exclusive interview with NDTV's Barkha Dutt, Arvind Kejriwal said he resigned as Delhi Chief Minister yesterday because he saw 'no sense in continuing' after Jan Lokpal bill was blocked.

Here are the highlights of his interview:

  • Since Jan Lokpal was blocked, saw no sense in continuing as Chief Minister
  • We will fight elections again
  • I am not disappointed. I am ready to lose the Chief Minister's chair for the Country
  • Nowhere in the Constitution that the Delhi government has to take Centre's permission to present a Bill. Why should we send the Bill then
  • Our inside information was that they will create a ruckus, but allow the Bill to pass. However, after our move against Mukesh Ambani, we got information that they will not allow the bill to be passed
  • Mukesh Ambani instructed the BJP and Congress to get rid of me
  • They were afraid of what I would do next, They wanted me to resign at any cost
  • People brought  these complaints to us
  • Both Congress and BJP spent sleepless nights after we filed an FIR against Mukesh Ambani
  • The government had given some wells to Mukesh Ambani, the expense of extracting gas from the well is $1 but government gives him $4 and it will be soon revised to $8
  • When this happens, electricity rates will increase, fertilizer rates will increase, food will become expensive
  • I will write to Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi asking them what rate they will offer Mukesh Ambani when they come to power
  • The wells belong to India and its people. If we have given them the wells and asked them supply gas, why will they charge international market price
  • I am ready to face anything for this country. We have put everything at stake
  • (On governance) Sheila Dikshit kept saying for five years CAG audit cannot be done, we did it in five days
  • They couldn't curb corruption, but we managed to reduced it
  • Government hospitals did not have medicine supplies, the situation has changed now
  • (On resigning) We had already said we won't compromise on corruption. I am not here for power but I am here to eradicate corruption
  • We have left it in the hands of people, if they want us back in power, they will have vote us into power
  • If there are no assembly elections, then I will focus of Lok sabha elections
  • (On contesting against Modi) I have no desire to become a hero by fighting against Modi
  • Two motives: not to allow dynast, communal, corrupt into power
  • (On not being in power being disadvantageous) We don't see advantage and disadvantage, politcal power is not an issue
  • If corruption decreases, people will have education, food
  • The elections will be fought under my leadership, but I haven't decided if I will fight or not
  • I have no house right now. I will stay here until my daughter's exams are over.