This Article is From Jun 13, 2022

This Bangladeshi Couple Came To Shashi Tharoor's "Rescue" In London

A Bangladeshi couple in London requested Shashi Tharoor for a selfie and then helped him by booking a cab for him.

This Bangladeshi Couple Came To Shashi Tharoor's 'Rescue' In London

Shashi Tharoor posted a photo and thanked the couple on Twitter


Congress MP Shashi Tharoor was faced with a vexing issue while in London recently. On Saturday, Mr Tharoor found it close to impossible to book a cab for himself outside the British Library, causing him to wait outside the building for over 45 minutes. It was then that he ran into a Bangladeshi couple who requested Mr Tharoor for a selfie and then helped the MP by booking a cab for him. 

Sharing the anecdote alongside a selfie with the couple, Mr Tharoor revealed that they were out in the city “celebrating their first wedding anniversary.” In a tweet, Mr Tharoor said, “Waited 45 minutes outside British Library for a cab as Saturday-night traffic whizzed by. A helpful young Bangladeshi couple, out celebrating their first wedding anniversary, stopped by for a pic and solved my problem by summoning an Uber. Thanks Irfat and Azmain!”

Several internet users were touched by the warm gesture of the couple as well as Mr Tharoor's note of thanks. One user shared the tweet and said, “Such a sweet gesture.”

Another Twitter user noted, “Thanks for being so accessible to all of us,” referring to the MP.

One curious Twitter follower also asked Mr Tharoor about a device that he is seen wearing in the photo, attached to a chain around his neck. Responding to the user's query, Mr Tharoor said that he was wearing “an Air Tamer -- a negative ionsier/air purifier.”

Mr Tharoor also shared an image with five female students who were working at the Taj London. Sharing an image with the students, Mr Thaoor said, “The amazing JLF Litfest reception at the Taj London featured five young students from Kerala all doubling up as servers to finance their studies. Thanks for your outstanding service and all the best, Vandana, Aaliya, Anjali, Shaithya & Juliet! Malayalis rock everywhere!”

Shashi Tharoor presently serves as the Lok Sabha MP from Thiruvananthapuram.