This Article is From Dec 27, 2016

PM Narendra Modi Changing Goalposts On Notes Ban, Says Rahul Gandhi: Highlights

Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee address joint press conference over notes ban

New Delhi: In a joint press conference of opposition parties, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said PM Narendra Modi's November 8 notes ban has attacked the financial independence of the country. Adding to the criticism, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said the move has taken the country back by 20 years.

Here are the highlights of the press conference:

Rahul Gandhi
  • This demonetisation has done absolutely nothing against corruption. What it has done instead, is to leave people without any money.
  • This is been a complete failure on part of the government.
  • The Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) must answer on this disaster... he must answer on unemployment.
  • This is done to help the rich who have taken 8 lakh crores in loans. The PM's motto has become "gareebon se paisa kheecho, Ameeron ko seecho" (take the poor man's money to fund the rich)
  • This is done to help the rich who have taken 8 lakh crores in loans. The PM's motto has become "gareebon se paisa kheecho, Ameeron ko seecho" (take the poor man's money to fund the rich)
  • First time in the history of the world one man has caused problems for 1.3 billion people.
  • All the reasons that were given have failed... Be it the reason of counterfeit currency or corruption.
  • The government has been changing the reason regularly.
  • The PM must explain the motive behind notes ban. What is the reason behind this blow to the nation?
  • If a sincere effort is made by the government to eradicate corruption, not just the Congress, but the entire Opposition will stand behind. We will all support it.
  • But in the fight against corruption, how can the PM be made an exception... Why is there no investigation against "Sahara diaries" and emails addressed directly to the then Gujarat chief minister? (Narendra Modi). PM is not saying anything on allegations of corruption in which he is directly involved
  • Sheila Dikshit in her response has said that any allegations against her must be probed, why hasn't PM asked for a probe?
  • As the Prime Minister, he should have been the first person to ask for a probe on any allegations against him
  • If nothing comes out of the probe, then it's fine. But it must be probed
Mamata Banerjee
  • This demonetisation is the biggest scam in independent India.
  • Modi ji said we will have ache din... Is this what he meant by ache din? People are troubled. He has destroyed the banking system. 50 days are nearly over... what will happen now? In these 50 days, our country has gone back 20 years.
  • If the restrictions cannot be lifted after the 50th day, then why did you commit to 50 days?
  • If the restrictions are not lifted after 50 days? Since it was your assurance, will you take responsibility and resign?
  • In the effort to go cashless, you have ended up being faceless.
  • Rajiv Gandhi did a wonderful job of bringing mobile phones and computers to India... But your (BJP's) claim of doing things everything overnight is good only from a marketing point of view. The government must lead the people, not fool them.
  • Modi ji, We await your resignation. If you don't, the people will throw you out of power.
  • We are going to make a common minimum programme on demonetisation and corruption
  • We will discuss and talk about this together and have a joint programme
Rashtriya Janata Dal
  • 130 people died, parliament did not function who is responsible?
  • They (the government) have forgiven the rich and wiped out the poor
  • Lalu ji has announced a "maha dharna" in Bihar

  • Six per cent of total black money is cash, rest in assets. The government took the decision for this 6 per cent
  • 500 notes still not in circulation
  • Construction workers are not being paid, every one is suffering
  • This move (notes ban) has resulted in utter failure, people are jobless and voiceless
  • We have come together today realising all this