"I Never Get Angry, It Surprises People," PM Tells Actor Akshay Kumar: Highlights


PM Modi with actor Akshay Kumar.

New Delhi: 

In a "candid and completely non-political" interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar,  PM said that he never thought that he would become prime minister. When asked how he controls his anger, PM said that he never gets angry. "I do not express my anger as it leads to negativity," he said.  The Prime Minister explained, "Over the years he has trained himself in a way that he does not express anger, instead, he tries to get best out of the situation by inspiring others".

Here are the highlights of PM Modi's interview with Akshay Kumar:

  • I never had such a thought, a common man doesn't think like that (when asked if he ever thought he would become a prime minister)
  • The kind of background I come from even if i would have got a decent job my mother would have been distributing laddoos among neighbours. This is unnatural for me, sometimes I am amazed why the country loves me so much.
  • When I was young, i used to see the soldiers their patriotism would inspire me. I joined Ram Krishna Mission, was inspired by people associated with the mission.
  • I was quite a wanderer, found answers to my own questions.
  • No, I don't (when asked if he ever gets angry). Anger is a part of human nature. These are emotions that just spread negativity.
  • Right from the time I was a peon to this time, I have never had an opportunity to express anger
  • May be i never get a chance to be angry, for instance, if you get angry in a meeting, it just distracts everyone.
  • Earlier, when i got overwhelmed with emotions, I would write it all on a paper then I would analyse the course of events. This would help me realise my own mistake. But of course i no longer have that much time. Basically, this is how trained myself to respond to situations.
  • I have been on my own since I was very young. That led to a detachment. Later, even if I called my mother to live with me she wanted to spend time in her village. Also, I didn't get enough time to spend with her.
  • See, this image is wrong (when asked about his image as a strict administrator). I just have to get the job done. I often have to stay at work for so long. People sometimes see me working for so long. You cannot get the job done by being strict, it's better to lead by example.
  • I have just been disciplined. As far as humor is concerned, that has been a part of my nature since i was very young, that was just to lighten the atmosphere. But today, jokes can be taken out of context can be scary.
  • For TRPs, people take your statements out of context, that is scary. In my personal life, however, I still try to be funny with friends.
  • Offcourse, I have friends in the opposition. Ghulam Nabi Azad is very friendly. I should not be saying this in the election season. Mamata Di sends me gifts. Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina used to send me sweets, now even Mamata di sends me sweets.
  • When I was in school, people from Dena bank came and gave us a piggybank. Never had enough money. Later, the bank officials tracked me they wanted to close it due to inactivity.
  • 30-32 years, they told me I had an account since childhood, when I became Chief Minister, salary used to get credited. I told them I want to give away the money, they tried to dissuade me saying I had cases against me and I might need it but I insisted that I wanted to give 21 lakh from the bank account to people in need.
  • I got a plot as an MLA at subsidised rate, wanted to give that away too
  • I would just tell them to tell the people to stop propagating the stories of a jinn; people have to work hard to ensure their wishes can be fulfilled. (when asked what would he do if he gets Aladdin's chirag)
  • Most Prime Ministers did not have this benefit. I was a Chief Minister for a long time. The longest serving Chief Minister of Gujarat.
  • As a Chief Minister, you have to be aware of ground realities. That gave me a valuable experience. This experience is helping the nation. Deve Gowda was a Chief Minister too, but not for very long.
  • A lot of people have requested me to ensure i sleep for longer duration., Whenever Barack Obama meets me, we share jokes, there is a friendly exchange. And he often tells me i should ensure i sleep for longer duration. But this is how my body clock has become.
  • It is a habit now.
  • Because of my background I have got the habit of using medicines. I always relied on natural methods.
  • This is an amazing question (when asked about his fashion inspiration). I have had a humble background. Till the time, I became a Chief Minister, I used to wash my clothes myself. Longer sleeves were a hindrance while washing clothes, so I had cut them off.
  • I wear the watch with the dial towards me to ensure i don't disrespect people.
  • I enjoy these memes. I don't get offended. I am pleased by creativity. The biggest advantage of social media is I get to know what common man is thinking.
  • Also when you don't respond to negativity or negative people, they feel helpless in the absence of a reaction.
  • No, rather, my mother gives me money (on asked if he give a portion of his salary to his mother). Whenever I visit her, she would give me sawa rupaiye. You have to understand, since i have been a Chief Minister, I have considered the nation as my family.
  • I used to go to the Sangh Shakhas, where you get an exposure to scientific games. That also taught me team spirit. To ensure we grow in life in general, we should focus on sports where we play as a team that also teaches leadership skills.
  • My problem was that I was overconfident(when asked about his first UN speech). Sushma Swaraj admonished me over the idea of an extempore speech. We gradually settled on the idea of a speech written on a paper. But that was unsettling for me because Iwas not used to idea of reading from a paper.
  • Gradually, I have accepted this idea. That's it's okay.
  • When I was a Chief Minister, Amitabh ji had come on his insistence, I watched a movie. I have watched "A Wednesday" with Anupam ji. Since the time i have become a PM, never got time.
  • I have always been inspired been by Gandhi ji. Cleanliness is also important to promote tourism. Also, construction of 9 crore toilets is nation's achievement not mine.
  • I like to sip tea in a peaceful corner (when asked what he likes to do for leisure). Also, you just asked me what would I do after retirement. Earlier, I would roam around in jungles to find peace, didn't have radio, mobile, would admire nature.
  • I would call it "Main Mujhse milne jata hun". Those experiences gave me a lot of strength, would never document such sojourns.
  • When i was a tea-seller, I would interact with a lot of people. Tea has helped me learn a new language- Hindi. 
  • What i enjoyed the most about this interview was that it was a break from the election madness. This is also one of the ways I refresh myself.

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