"Politics Today Being Used To Crush People": 5 Quotes Of New Congress President Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi officially took over as new Congress president today

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi, who officially took over as Congress president from his mother Sonia Gandhi this morning, slammed the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his first speech in his new role, saying the PM is "taking us back to medieval times." Mr Gandhi, 47, is the fifth member of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty to lead the Congress; no one challenged his elevation in the organization election that critics describe as a sham.

Here are the top quotes by new Congress President Rahul Gandhi:

  1. Politics belongs to the people, but today politics is not being used for people. It is not being used to uplift people, but to crush them.

  2. Congress took India to 21st century, but the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) is taking us back to medieval times.

  3. Many of us are disillusioned by politics of our time. Today, politics is devoid of kindness and truth.

  4. When I joined politics, I learnt that moment you stand up for the poor and challenge those who hold the seat of power, they will come after you. These regressive forces win not because they deserve to, but because they are powerful.

  5. You have an example in front of you, once fire breaks out it is difficult to douse it, that is what we are telling the people of BJP, that if you set the nation on fire it will be difficult to control. Today BJP has spread the fire of violence across the country.

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