This Article is From Nov 11, 2020

"Dynasty And Democracy Can't Go Hand-In-Hand": PM Modi's Top 10 Quotes

PM Modi's address to BJP workers: Not just in Bihar, but we won in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and even in Telangana and Ladakh. BJP won everywhere.

'Dynasty And Democracy Can't Go Hand-In-Hand': PM Modi's Top 10 Quotes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed BJP workers after Bihar election win

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed BJP workers today, a day after his party's victory in assembly elections in the key state of Bihar. Thanking the people of India, PM Modi said, "I don't just want to thank them (the people) for supporting us, but for participating in the democratic process. For coming out and doing their bit. The elections that happen in India are unparalleled in the entire world." The BJP and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's Janata Dal (United) won the state for a second term after a tough fight from the Tejashwi Yadav-led Opposition alliance. Mr Yadav's Rashtriya Janata Dal emerged as the single-largest party with 75 seats after the contentious and nail-biting vote count came to a draw late at night on Tuesday. The BJP has been celebrating the Bihar win in Delhi. PM Modi had tweeted on the results as the votes of the assembly election continued to trickle in on Tuesday night. The people of Bihar have made a "decisive decision" to give development a chance, PM Modi had tweeted a little before 12 am. The NDA had reached the majority mark after 3 am.

Here are PM Modi's Top Quotes to BJP workers:

  1. The elections that happen in India is unparalled in the entire world. So, I want to thank every single person and the Election Commission and state officials who ensured that the election process was a success and was done so in a peaceful manner. There was a time when people would read the day after polling that polling booths were raided, booths were captured, there was violence. But today, you read news like record turnout for votes, women voters exceed male voters, voting was conducted peacefully. That in itself speaks a lot about how India has progressed.

  2. I would like to thank each and every single BJP karyakarta (worker) for the stellar work that you all have done in elections. And of course, the strategy, planning and execution by our BJP president JP Nadda ji. Let us all say this slogan... "Nadda ji, aap aage badho, hum sab aapke saath hain (Nadda ji, go forward, we are all with you)." The people of India are seeing the work you are doing. The people of India have decided that the only basis of electing people will be development and progress.

  3. Not just in Bihar, but we won in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and even in Telangana and Ladakh. BJP won everywhere. BJP is the only party which truly has a national connect with the people of India. From just 2 MPs and 2 rooms, today BJP is there in every corner of India.

  4. There were people who used to say that roads, railway lines, airports, better infrastructure, better communication, faster internet, 24X7 water and electricity, these things do not matter in elections. But elections after elections, we are seeing that the people of India are saying it loud and clear that these are the things that matter and these are what are going to determine who will win. Those who continue to live in denial and in arrogance, you must have heard what is happening with them.... they are losing their deposits.

  5. Democracy is our biggest strength, and the people of India today truly values this strength we have. But what is holding us back are the family-run political parties. These parties exist from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. And they are plotting their schemes. Why just state parties, even a major national party has over the decades reduced itself to a family-run party. And this is what is the true threat to democracy. Dynasty and Democracy cannot go hand-in-hand.

  6. Merit should be the basis of progress, not entitlement and family run parties. India can see which party is not a family-run party. I urge all of you and all Indians to come forward and work to take the nation forward. Today, those who do not want to work hard, and cannot stand up to compete with us in a democratic manner, have now stooped to new lows. They have started killing BJP workers. I do not think I need to warn them, because in a democracy, the people speak and they will show that in a democracy, these killings will never ever be acceptable.

  7. People are seeing who are working, who is working day and night, who is delivering promises - it is BJP. Who stands with the people of India - it is BJP. Who is standing for the rights of Dalits and backward classes - it is BJP. Who stands up and delivers justice for women and work for their rights - it is BJP. Our biggest asset is this trust that people have on us. We must work to ensure we continue to deliver so that this trustworthiness remains intact.

  8. We all went through an unprecedented year due to coronavirus. We all went through hardships, but what matters at the end of it all is every life that we managed to save. Every life saved is the proof of how well India has managed.

  9. All of you must be thinking that Modi is speaking so much, but what does he have to say about Bihar? When will he speak about Bihar... I just want to say that Bihar is dear to us. It is close to our hearts. The success in Bihar has made one thing absolutely clear that the key to success is 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwaas'. That is the mantra that guides us, and that is what we are determined to, and that is what rewards us too.

  10. You must have read in the news media about 'silent voters' voting for BJP. The voice of this 'silent voter' is now being heard by all. The BJP has a big base of this 'silent voter' - and they are women voters. Women are seeing the work we are doing. How we are working to ensure that they get all their rights, they get their say, and they play their equal part in society. They are seeing who truly stands for them.