This Article is From Dec 22, 2019

"Amended Law Doesn't Snatch Citizenship," Says PM Modi Amid Protests - Top Quotes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, silent so far on the countrywide protests over the amended citizenship law, today said that Muslims have nothing to fear from it.

PM Modi launches BJP's Delhi election campaign at Ramlila Maidan.

New Delhi: "Unity in diversity is India's uniqueness," said Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he began his speech at a mega rally in New Delhi. "Now I will say 'unity in diversity', you respond 'India's specialty'," he told the crowd. The slogan was chanted thrice before the Prime Minister turned his attention to local issues in Delhi. Breaking his silence on the ongoing Citizenship Amendment Act protests in the country, PM Modi accused opposition parties of misleading people by spreading rumours. He also appealed to protesters to burn his effigy, not public property.

Here are top 10 quotes from PM Modi's speech on Citizenship (Amendment) Act

  1. "Mahatma Gandhi had said that whoever wants to come to India is welcome. India's uniqueness lies in its diversity, and my government understands this."

  2. "The citizenship law and NRC have nothing to do with Indian Muslims. But they're saying give citizenship to the whole of Pakistan's population. Does this happen anywhere?"

  3. "When Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister, he said that we should give citizenship to people being persecuted in Bangladesh on the basis of religion. Why is Modi bad when he says the same thing?" 

  4. "They (the opposition) are angry that I won twice. But I want to tell such people that they can hate Modi, but don't hate India. Stop burning public property and destroying a poor man's auto."

  5. "We had a chance to expose Pakistan's discrimination against minorities but it was lost due to our rivals' politics against the Citizenship Amendment Act."

  6. "The Citizenship Amendment Act is not meant to snatch anybody's citizenship. It is meant to give citizenship to (persecuted migrants) who are badly in need of aid."

  7. "If Modi Sarkar is working to uplift Dalits, why are my critics feeling uneasy? A girl born in a camp at Delhi's Majnu Ka Tila was named Nagrikta. If Nagrikta's life becomes easy, why are you troubled?"

  8. "We conducted NRC in Assam only because the Supreme Court directed us to. Some Urban Naxals are spreading rumours that all Muslims will be sent to detention centres."

  9. "No Muslim is being sent to detention centres, nor are there any detention centres in India. I am shocked at the lengths some people can go to spread lies."

  10. "The people bear witness to all these attacks on innocent people. Attack me as much as you want, but shouldn't the police be respected? Remember our martyred cops and chant along with me: Shaheedon amar raho!"

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