PM Modi In Lead Role In Fight Against Climate Change: Amit Shah

Amit Shah spotlighted various schemes launched by Pm Modi to counter climate change.

Amit Shah inagurating Greater Sohra Water Supply Scheme in Meghalaya


Prime Minister Narendra Modi recognises the global warming issue and has been taking the lead role in fighting against it through a slew of schemes to mitigate the problem, Home Minister Amit Shah said today.

"Global warming and climate change has become a crisis and in the fight against it, PM Modi is taking a lead role by launching several schemes by distributing free gas supply to decrease the carbon footprint. PM Modi is serious against this global crisis and has been taking all measures to mitigate the problem," said Mr Shah, speaking at the lunch of Green Sohra plantation drive by Assam Rifles in Meghalaya.  

"Earlier, we have studied in text books that Cherrapunji get the highest rainfall in the country but now a few kilometre away there is a place where highest rainfall was recorded. Due to cutting of trees such a thing occurred. We have to take oath that again we will transform Cherrapunji into highest rainfall centre in India. Our paramilitary forces have started the plantation drive to create a green environment and Assam Rifles has taken the lead in the plantation programme by planting 1.48 lakh saplings in Meghalaya area," Amit Shah said.

Elaborating on the government plans, Mr Shah said a 100 hectare area  in Meghalaya has been identified and Rs 50 crore will be spent for planting various  saplings. "We have taken a target to plant 1 million saplings in 1,000 hectare area of Meghalaya within three years and the Assam Rifles will take the lead," he said.

"If we can successfully do the plantation programme and nurture the saplings to grow into a tree then again Cherrapunji will transform into highest rainfall centre in India by regaining the lost glory," Mr Shah said.

The Minister underlined the role of community participation to help the endeavour.