"Won't Contest... Will Remain Staunch Supporter Of BJP": Paresh Rawal

Paresh Rawal said on Twitter that he will not contest elections even if BJP gives him a ticket

'Won't Contest... Will Remain Staunch Supporter Of BJP': Paresh Rawal

Paresh Rawal, BJP Lok Sabha lawmaker, says he is "not interested in political career."

New Delhi:

Actor-turned-politician Paresh Rawal announced that he is not keen to contest the general elections just over a fortnight away. Responding to a remark on Twitter, Mr Rawal, who represents the Ahmedabad East constituency in Lok Sabha, said he "will not fight" even if he is given a ticket.

"I had told the party 4-5 months ago that I do not want to contest the elections. But, ultimately it is the party's decision," Mr Rawal had said, shortly after his name was not on the first list of candidates released by the BJP on Friday.

But today in reply to a journalist on Twitter, Mr Rawal said, "... I have steadfastly maintained in all my statements and interviews that I am not interested in political career. Hope this clears the fog!" In a tweet tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi he, however, said that he will "remain a loyal member of the BJP and a staunch supporter of PM Modi".

Sources say, Mr Rawal was having a tough time in his constituency for apparently not actively interacting with local workers, though he has spent Rs 25 crore of his MP funds for developmental work. Party rival and former minister, Harin Pathak had raised objections about his absence from his constituency sources said.

Despite Mr Rawal's 70 per cent attendance in Lok Sabha, he is not popular in his constituency and that may go against his possibility of getting a ticket, say BJP insiders.

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