This Article is From Jan 13, 2017

Newspaper Vendor Arrested For Sending Death Threat To Sourav Ganguly

Newspaper Vendor Arrested For Sending Death Threat To Sourav Ganguly

The 'death threat' to Sourav Ganguly was sent to his mother by a newspaper vendor, police say

Kolkata: Days after former Indian Cricket Captain Sourav Ganguly received a "death threat", a newspaper vendor has been arrested in Bengal's Midnapore for sending the anonymous letter.

West Midnapore Superintendent of Police Bharati Ghosh said, "He had grievances against Garbeta legislator Ashish Chakraborty and these were personal. He heard that Ashish Chakraborty was bringing Sourav Ganguly to Midnapore town. He thought if Sourav Ganguly comes to Midnapore it will enhance the credentials of Ashish Chakraborty and to stop him from coming he did this."

The newspaper vendor, Nirmalya Samanta, did not want Mr Ganguly to attend the event as Mr Chakraborty was also supposed to be present there. The police say he has confessed and is repentant for writing the letter. Mr Ganguly had filed a police complaint at the Behala police station.

The anonymous letter reached Mr Ganguly's Behala residence in Kolkata on January 7. The letter had threatened him not to attend a programme organised by Vidyasagar University on January 19.

The letter had been addressed to Sourav Ganguly's mother, Nirupa, with an old picture.

"Your son is hereby warned not to attend the programme. If he dares to come here, you will not see him again," the letter read.

"He typed the letter at a photo copy shop outside Midnapore court and sent it by courier service to Sourav Ganguly's place. We have arrested him and we will send him to Behala Police where the case has been registered," Bharati Ghosh added.