This Article is From Nov 07, 2010

Michelle Obama: A complete natural

Mumbai: A dancing Michelle Obama has become the defining image of the Obamas' maiden visit to India. The US First Lady hit the dance floor not just once, but twice.

The whole country watched Michelle Obama shaking a leg to hit Bollywood number Rang De Basanti during her interaction with school kids in Mumbai on Saturday. Then again on Sunday, while celebrating Diwali with children from a school in south Mumbai, she broke into a jig to join kids performing a Konkani folk dance, even inspiring the US President to join her on the dance floor.

On both occasions, Michelle Obama joined in the dance spontaneously and got right into the spirit of things. The result was an immediate connect with the children.

"Barack and Michelle Obama were both so friendly," said one of the school kid. "We were pinching ourselves as we weren't sure if we were dreaming," said another.

It was a "mind-blowing" experience for the children.

Michelle even shared her experience while growing up with college students.

"Even though my parents couldn't give us material things, they gave me and my brother strong values. They taught us to treat others with dignity and respect, to push for excellence in every single thing we did," Michelle Obama said.

"She is very cool - the fact that she wanted to interact with school kids. We would not have expected it of any other politicians in our country, or any other country," said one of the students.

On just her first visit to India, the Michelle Obama impact was strongly felt in Mumbai. Not only did she connect with Young India, but she also once again emerged as a person with a strong, independent and vibrant personality.