This Article is From Jan 15, 2020

Like Congress, BJP Misusing Power For Political Gains, Says Mayawati

Mayawati today accused the Congress of "peddling lies" about the BSP

Like Congress, BJP Misusing Power For Political Gains, Says Mayawati

BSP chief addressed reporters as she turns 64 today.


Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati, who turns 64 today, hit out at the BJP this morning as she said that the ruling party is "misusing power for political gains just like the Congress" and the "common man is suffering". She also accused the Congress of "peddling lies" about the BSP and claiming that her party did not protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

"The nation is watching... Like Congress, the BJP is misusing power for its political gains and personal greed. Because of this, the constitutional provisions and the democratic rights (of a common man) have been threatened," she said.

BJP's negligence towards public welfare and the economy has "led to an increase in poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, price rise, and environment of hatred across the county," she told reporters who greeted her on her birthday in Lucknow.

"It's a matter of great misfortune for the country that the BJP is following Congress's path. The constitution protects the weaker sections but as soon as a party assumes power, these people are forgotten. How can the nation progress? It's worrying that the nation is in headlines because of wrong reasons," she further said.

Accusing the Congress of "peddling lies" about the BSP, the 64-year-old leader said: "On its foundation day, the Congress had accused opposition parties in Uttar Pradesh of remaining silent on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act amid protests. This is a blatant lie."

"We were one of the first political parties to raise voice against citizenship law and we protested against it in a peaceful manner. Not just BJP, Congress too should stop peddling lies for political gains," she added.

The BSP chief's attack on Congress comes months after all of BSP's six MLAs joined the Congress in Rajasthan in September. 

Earlier this week, she skipped a Congress-led opposition meet on the CAA, claiming that she felt betrayed. "Even though BSP was supporting the Congress government in Rajasthan, they betrayed us by taking away our MLAs. In such a situation, the BSP attending the opposition meeting led by the Congress will demoralise the party workers in Rajasthan," she had said.