This Article is From May 13, 2021

On Video Call, Made By Doctor, He Sang To His Dying Mother

Dr Dipshikha Ghosh said that this song has now taken a very different meaning for the hospital staff, including her.

On Video Call, Made By Doctor, He Sang To His Dying Mother

A man sang a popular Hindi movie song on video call for his dying mother. (Representational)

New Delhi:

A doctor's Twitter thread describing a dying Covid patient's son singing to her on a video call has gone viral on social media and has moved many to tears.

Dipshikha Ghosh wrote in the posts that she had video-called the relatives of her patient Sanghamitra Chatterjee --"who is not going to make it" - when her son Soham Chatterjee asked her to spare a few more minutes. He then sang to his mother. He sang a popular Hindi movie song that, she says, will never be the same to her again. "Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Nata Koi...," goes the song, which is from a film about a mother and son who were separated for years and found each other.

Dr Ghosh said as she watched Soham Chatterjee singing to his mother, nurses too came and stood in silence. He broke down but somehow finished the song, and there were few dry eyes in that ward. After asking the doctor about his mother's vitals, he hung up. "This song is changed for us, for me at least. This song will always be theirs," the doctor wrote.

The story has received an overwhelming response on social media, with most users saying they cried reading the story of a son's final goodbye to his mother.

When a Twitter user appeared to congratulate the doctor for being able to capture the pain nicely in the Twitter thread, Dr Ghosh told him, "I did nothing. This shouldn't happen to anyone."

On her Twitter profile, Dr Ghosh says she practices critical care medicine. She has regularly asked people to follow COVID-appropriate behaviour and updates about her day at work. Mostly those updates sum up the pressure healthcare workers are handling currently across the country. Like this one:

India's COVID-19 caseload hit 2.37 crore today with 3.62 lakh new infections in the last 24 hours. The death count has touched 2,58,317 with 4,120 people dying of the infection on Wednesday.