This Article is From Oct 20, 2010

Madhya Pradesh: Schoolgirl raped, burnt alive allegedly by engineering student

Damoh (Madhya Pradesh): A class 12 student has been raped and then burnt alive in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh.

The 17-year-old schoolgirl was allegedly raped by her neighbour, a 22-year-old engineering student, Saurav, on Monday. Her father said the girl and he went to file a complaint with the local police, who merely told them to come back the next day and that only after they paid a bribe of a few hundred rupees.

On Tuesday afternoon, the victim, who was all alone in the house, was allegedly attacked and dragged to the backyard by Saurav, where his father and two uncles allegedly poured kerosene on her and set her afire.

She was brought to the hospital with 90 per cent burn injuries. She named all four men before she died.

"Last evening, I'd gone to the toilet. He raped me there. I screamed for help, then my brothers came and we left. Then when I was alone at home when his uncles Tikaram and Sitaram, Parshuram, Saurav and Nannu came and burnt me. Saurav was the one who raped me," the girl said in hospital on Tuesday. She died on Wednesday morning.

Her father said on Tuesday: "Yesterday at 5 in the evening, this boy called Saurav raped my daughter... Then I went to the police station to lodge a complaint around 8 pm and was there for quite some time. I paid around Rs 300 to 400 and they filed the report and told me to come in the morning around 9 am."

The father and the two uncles of the accused have been arrested, but the main accused is absconding.

Police have registered a case of rape and murder and have launched a massive hunt for the accused.

In the last two years, eight girls have been burnt alive after being raped in Damoh district alone.