In Kerala, Rahul Gandhi Targets CPM For Violence, PM Over 'Mann Ki Baat '

"They think they (CPM) can remain in power through violence," Rahul Gandhi said in Kozhikode today.

In Kerala, Rahul Gandhi Targets CPM For Violence, PM Over 'Mann Ki Baat '

Congress President Rahul Gandhi spoke at a public event in Kozhikode today.


Weeks before Kerala votes in the national election, Congress president Rahul Gandhi today met family members of three youth Congress activists who were brutally murdered in the span of one year, allegedly by CPM activists. At least five CPM members, including a leader, have been suspended from the party since the killings. "I assure the family members justice", Rahul Gandhi told media in Kasargod after meeting the families.

Speaking in Kozhikode at a public event, the Congress chief added, "I visited the families of two youngsters. CPI(M) killed them. They think they can remain in power through violence... Three lakh women have lost their jobs in cashew industry. Rubber plantations are being destroyed. CPI(M) has a lot to answer to the people of Kerala."

Rahul Gandhi then trained his guns on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat'. Slamming the PM's way of functioning, he said, "And our PM - the only thing he does every week is tell the people what he wants to. Can you understand the arrogance of such a man? Billions of people and he goes out week after week saying 'I want to tell you Mann Ki Baat'. The PM's job is to be so humble that the poorest man is heard by him. In last five years we have seen one man's Mann Ki Baat but he hasn't heard people's Mann Ki Baat".

"One given day he (PM) announced notes ban, wiping out the future of millions of Indians. He has been attacking all our institutions, one after the other. Today India has the highest unemployment rate in 45 years. For the first time farmers are committing suicide in India. Farmers ask for farm loan waiver. Narendra Modi and (Arun) Jaitley laugh at them," the Congress president added.

Rahul Gandhi also addressed the National Fishermen's Parliament in Thrissur today and answered their questions, a day after he interacted with about 3,000 young women from a top college in Chennai.

"Once Congress comes to power at the centre, there will be a ministry of fishermen. I don't like to make fake promises... Like farmers have built this country, fishermen have also helped build this country," Rahul Gandhi had said.