Highlights: #BanegaSwasthIndia Telethon Season 9 Launched; Amitabh Bachchan Explains The Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Agenda

The ninth season of Banega Swasth India begins with a 12-hour telethon Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka where we discuss how to build a healthier India

NDTV and Dettol have been working towards a clean and healthy India since 2014 via the Banega Swachh/Swasth India initiative, which is helmed by Campaign Ambassador Amitabh Bachchan. As the campaign moves forward into the ninth year this time, we are focusing on creating a holistic healthy India for each and everyone. The goal is Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka, where citizens, individuals, society and governments work together to ensure health for all. 

Here are the Highlights from Lakshya, Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon with Amitabh Bachchan:

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Oct 02, 2022 21:58 (IST)
And that's a wrap! Season 9 of NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India, Lakshya – Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon comes to an end!
Oct 02, 2022 21:23 (IST)
Ganesh Acharya sets the stage on fire with a captivating performance at the season 9 telethon
Saving the best for the last, the 12-hour Banega Swasth India telethon ended with an electrifying performance by choreographer Ganesh Acharya
Oct 02, 2022 20:55 (IST)
A few minutes left for Choreographer Ganesh Acharya's performance on the 12-hour Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon
Oct 02, 2022 20:53 (IST)
Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde joins the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India Season 9 telethon
"We have decided to prioritise healthcare in Maharashtra, and this Swasth Bharat Abhiyan will play a pivotal role. Strengthening primary health care (PHC) and ensuring better services would our main focus. It's important to get primary healthcare for people. Our government is a government for common people. We will double the budget for health," Mr Shinde said.
Oct 02, 2022 20:32 (IST)
"The future plan of Reckitt is very clear - to scale up all our programmes. We can get malnutrition related deaths to zero. The company has started a programme with Uttar Pradesh on diarrhea related deaths, and lot of work has to be done for that. Similarly, we will work with other states on issues that concern them," Mr Jain said.
Oct 02, 2022 20:30 (IST)
"We need a strong society to combat issues that pertain in healthcare. The Indian population have solutions to issues. Our job is to provide access and we will be committed to that," Kris Licht, President, Health & Global Chief Customer Officer, Reckitt.
Oct 02, 2022 20:27 (IST)
Param Iyer, CEO, NITI Aayog speaks about the central government initiatives in the health sector
"The government has several programs that address matters of sanitation, water, nutrition, and so forth. Technology has also played a massive role in this. The whole digital revolution in healthcare is phenomenal. The number is huge. From telemedicine to medicine sky, this covers the entire spectrum of basic healthcare. Massive improvements have been made in the sector," Mr. Iyer said.
Oct 02, 2022 20:26 (IST)
Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot joins the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India Season 9 telethon
"The Rajasthan government has provided Rs 10 lakh insurance to patients with heart issues, so they can receive appropriate treatment. The Outpatient Department, Inpatient department, and the tests are for free. We take care of the expenses even 15 days after the discharge," Mr Gehlot said.
Oct 02, 2022 20:14 (IST)
An eye catching moment with Amitabh Bachchan And NDTV's Dr Roy on the Banega Swasth India Season 9 telethon
A blockbuster version of 'Shava Shava' with the one and only Amitabh Bachchan and NDTV's Dr Prannoy Roy as they match moves at NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India's 12-hour Telethon - Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka.
Oct 02, 2022 20:12 (IST)
Dancer Dharmesh Pays Tribute To Amitabh Bachchan
Dancer, Choreographer and Television Judge, Dharmesh paid a tribute to Amitabh Bachchan on the sets of Lakshya - Sampooran Swasthya Ka. From Shava Shava to Rock N Roll, Dharmesh performed on some of the iconic songs of Mr Bachchan and made Mr Bachchan shake a leg.
Oct 02, 2022 20:02 (IST)
Watch Kris Licht, Gaurav Jain, Ravi Bhatnagar and Dilen Gandhi discussing Reckitt future vision and commitment towards healthcare
Oct 02, 2022 19:51 (IST)
Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav joins NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India Season 9 telethon
Bihar deputy chief minister, Tejashwi Yadav, said that the new government in the state has been fighting for five factors - 'dawai, padhai, kamai, sachai and sunwai'. "Whenever someone goes to the hospital, we make sure the premises are clean and the needy ones receive free medicines and treatment. We have ensured the availability of doctors and nurses in hospitals," Mr. Yadav said.
Oct 02, 2022 19:34 (IST)
"We are realising the power of technology, we are using it to tackle ground-level problems. We are using virtual reality (VR) to give them the closest experience," Nikhil Joshi, Co-founder of Digital Jalebi, speaks at the Banega Swasth India Telethon Season 9.
Oct 02, 2022 19:31 (IST)
"Inclusion and diversion is important": CEO of PLAN India Mohammed Asif's message for citizens
"At PLAN India, we are seeing how to use technology to help ASHA workers to be aware, and how can they make local level decisions," Mr. Asif said.
Oct 02, 2022 19:28 (IST)
"We have to create deeper incentives to put up hospital beds. The rural models need funding and doctors have to be encouraged to stay in those areas and push the concept of Ayushmann Bharat so that affordability comes in," Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals speaks on the Banega Swasth India Telethon Season 9.
Oct 02, 2022 19:26 (IST)
Shyatto Raha, Founder & CEO of MyHealthcare joins the panel to discuss
Mr. Rao detailed how MyHealthcare has been successful in leveraging the potential of digital technology.
Oct 02, 2022 19:23 (IST)
"Many times we don't have access to healthcare and therefore Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to combat that. We can interpret on X-ray and immediately detect diseases. Now, we are building AI to interpret disease at a shorter period of time. We are in about 62 countries and 700 hospitals and have crossed 1.2 crore patients," Co-Founder & CEO, Qure.ai speaks on the Banega Swasth India Telethon Season 9.
Oct 02, 2022 19:11 (IST)
Dilen Gandhi, Regional Marketing Director, South Asia, Health & Nutrition, Reckitt Tech, said that technology has sorted the problem of conveying a message to a large number of people. It also helps to customise messages according to people's needs, he said.
Oct 02, 2022 19:10 (IST)
"Manpower cannot get there as fast as tech can get us there," says Neeraj Jain, Country Director, India, PATH,
"With the help of technology, we need can provide access to rural populations and get them the right kind of health services. Manpower cannot get there as fast as the technology can. There are places where transportation facilities were an issue and the COVID vaccines had to be delivered. So, drones were used to deliver vaccines for covid19," he added.
Oct 02, 2022 19:03 (IST)
Another set of panelists grace the season 9 telethon stage, to discuss the significant innovations in the health sector.
Oct 02, 2022 18:59 (IST)
Singer Vishal Mishra Mesmerizes the audience With His Performance At The Banega Swasth India Telethon SEASON 9
Oct 02, 2022 18:49 (IST)
Children From Awadh International School Spread The Message Of Good Health
Oct 02, 2022 18:41 (IST)
Singer Vishal Mishra will be LIVE on Season 9 telethon to grab your attention with his mesmerising performance.
Oct 02, 2022 18:40 (IST)
Actor Rashmika Mandanna On Educating Children About Reproductive And Sexual Health
At the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India's Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka telethon, actor Rashmika Mandanna spoke about the relationship between a child and family that encourages the conversation around reproductive and sexual health.
Oct 02, 2022 18:37 (IST)
Navya Nevli Nanda speaks about the myths around menstruation and how the taboo has put Women and Girls at Risk
Oct 02, 2022 18:34 (IST)
Akriti Gupta, Founder, CanFem, UN & WEF Awardee, joins the panel on season 9 telethon to speak about the breast cancer survivors, and CanFem's work towards the issue. Ms. Gupta started working for the cause when she was 17 years of age. The inspiration for working towards the cause was her father, who was diagnosed with a rare type of blood cancer.
Oct 02, 2022 18:30 (IST)
"Very disappointed with the ministerial level coverage regarding breast cancer issue," says Dr Hema Divakar
Dr. Diwakar said that the early detection of breast cancer is significant, as it often means the person more likely to have treatment options that are much less aggressive compared to others.
Oct 02, 2022 18:25 (IST)
Deanne Panday, Wellness Coach & Author, emphasised on the holistic approach to emotional and physical well being. She said it was essential to address problems and prevent illness. "It's about being the healthiest and happiest," Ms Panday added.
Oct 02, 2022 18:21 (IST)
"We need to focus on the wellness of the child. Additionally, we should focus on the health of women and girls," Dr Hema Divakar, President, FOGSI discusses the importance of women and child health, especially during the pregnancy period. 
Oct 02, 2022 18:18 (IST)
Dia Mirza On Being A New Mother And The Challenges
At the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India's Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka telethon, Dia Mirza, Actor, Eco-Investor, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador & UN Secretary-General's Advocate for SDGs joined the discussion on 'women's health'. Ms Mirza spoke about being a mother, the challenge of not being able to meet her son for two and a half months and the working mother's guilt.
Oct 02, 2022 18:17 (IST)
Percussionist Sivamani At The Launch Of Banega Swasth India Season 9
Percussionist Sivamani performs at the launch of the season 9 of the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India. The theme this year is, Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka
Oct 02, 2022 18:02 (IST)
Kailash Kher Gives A Mellifluent Performance At Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka
Kailash Kher, Padma Shri Awardee and Musician sets the mood with his euphonious voice and songs at the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India's Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka 12-hour telethon.
Oct 02, 2022 17:59 (IST)
Therapy dog Stella for mental health!
NDTV's Arun Singh meets a special guest - Stella, a therapy dog from Punjab. Stella can be your companion when you are feeling low and detect anxiety attacks. We also speak with Stella's trainer Newton Sidhu. "For diabetes detection by dogs, we take the saliva and sweat of patients and start imprinting dogs on that. If the dogs bark, it means there is a problem. We have been dogs for forces as well," Mr. Sidhu said.
Oct 02, 2022 17:46 (IST)
"Government is supporting Dettol initiatives along with teachers in schools. Nearly six northeastern states and 2 others have seen decline in Sexually transmitted (STIs) infections. The change is happening steadily," Director, External Affairs & Partnerships SOA, Reckitt said.
Oct 02, 2022 17:38 (IST)
Panelists Navya Naveli Nanda, Rashmika Mandana, Vithika Yadav, Ravi Bhatnagar, Dr. Roy, Amitabh Bachchan discuss sexual well being young adults and women's wellbeing on Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon
Oct 02, 2022 17:28 (IST)
“It's a sign of life, and that's something we shouldn't be ashamed of”: Navya Naveli Nanda discusses adolescents health status in India
"We have progressed not just as women but as a country and men as well. Changes begins at home and women should feel comfortable about their body at home," Ms Nanda said.
Oct 02, 2022 17:27 (IST)
Here's the wall art for you by the children of Awadh International in Uttar Pradesh's Ayodhya

The children painted the walls with the Bangalore artist to spread the message of 'good health'.
Oct 02, 2022 17:15 (IST)
Health And Hygiene Should Become A Right And Not A Privilege: Kris Licht President, Health & Global Chief Customer Officer, Reckitt
Oct 02, 2022 17:06 (IST)
Mika Singh Sets The Stage On Fire With His Energising Performance, Amitabh Bachchan Shakes A Leg
Mika Singh, Singer, Composer, Actor brings his energy to the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India's Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka 12-hour telethon with his enthralling performance. Mika performs a bunch of his hits songs and shakes a leg with veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan.
Oct 02, 2022 17:05 (IST)
Meet Therapy dog Stella, who helps people deal with anxiety attacks on the 12-hour telethon
Oct 02, 2022 17:03 (IST)
Navya Naveli Nanda, Founder, Project Naveli & Co-founder, Aara Health will be joining the 12-hour telethon
Oct 02, 2022 16:50 (IST)
The 22-year-old Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash from Hyderabad is known as the world's fastest human calculator. Mr. Prakash talks about the importance of understanding the role math plays not only in solving numeric problems but also useful for the health sector. "Maths has the answer to make our country better and predict the country better," Mr Prakash said.
Oct 02, 2022 16:36 (IST)
"People must prioritise health", says JV Prasada Rao, Former Union Health Secretary
"The Universal health coverage should be the objective. We need proper monitoring facilities. Reaching the facilities and access of coverage to last mile is important. WHO has taken lead to bring STDs , HIV, Hepatitis under common structure in south east asia," Mr Rao said. 
Oct 02, 2022 16:31 (IST)
Mr. Singh said that the government is running short of the revenue, even though they are working and prioritizing. But they are working towards increasing it. "The ASHA workers are not getting enough payment and now we have increased it and their working style in commendable and did a great job during COVID and they have sacrificed. Govt has increased their renumeration and we will," the chief minister added.
Oct 02, 2022 16:29 (IST)
CM N. Biren Singh discuss the Manipur government's initiatives towards education and health
"We have prioritised education and health above all sectors. We provide Rs 2 Lakhs to each and every household who falls under the below poverty line (BPL) to get free treatment and medication. Now out of 6 lakh houses altogether in the state, we have provided for 60-70 per cent  population," Mr. Singh added. 
Oct 02, 2022 16:25 (IST)
Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh joins panelists on the Lakshya – Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon!
Oct 02, 2022 16:24 (IST)
Catch Singer Mika Singh LIVE soon on the Lakshya – Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon!
Oct 02, 2022 16:13 (IST)
Government's United Health Interface To Make Health Services Accessible: RS Sharma, National Health Authority Chief
Under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM), National Health Authority (NHA) had announced the launch of the United Health Interface (UHI) on January 12, 2022. The United Health Interface (UHI) is an open and interoperable IT network for digital health in India. At the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India's Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka 12-hour Telethon, RS Sharma, CEO of National Health Authority spoke about UHI and ensuring health access for all.
Oct 02, 2022 16:11 (IST)
'Rhythms Of Manipur' Create Music From Biodegradable Drums
The musical instruments the group uses are completely biodegradable which means no plastic and no waste burden on the planet earth.
Oct 02, 2022 16:06 (IST)
Musical band 'Rhythms of Manipur' performs on the stage of 12-hour Telethon The performing group has taken various concert tours and research to revive rare performing art forms of Manipur.
Oct 02, 2022 15:49 (IST)
The singers Manmeet Singh and Harmeet Singh - an Indian musical duo from Gwalior, talk about the importance of meditation and yoga in singing and for attaining a healthier lifestyle.
Oct 02, 2022 15:47 (IST)
Watch out for Meet Bros's performance at the Lakshya – Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon stage!
Oct 02, 2022 15:46 (IST)
Cycle March To Mobilise People For The Environment By Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri awardee Dr Anil Prakash Joshi
NDTV's Gargi Rawat reports from Mumbai where she speaks with Dr Anil Prakash Joshi, Environmentalist who flagged off a cycle rally from the financial capital Mumbai to environment capital Uttarakhand. The message of the 'Cycle Rally', as shared by Dr Joshi is, "We cannot deny the development. We really need one but ecologically inclusive economy model can only give you sustainability."
Oct 02, 2022 15:34 (IST)
Ms. Jacob believes that the role of children becomes even more important in understanding climate change and dealing with it as they will live the future while we are making for them. At the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India's Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka telethon, Ms Jacob emphasised on climate education and said, "To be able to become really active agents of agents, children need to be aware, informed and have the right tools and information to act accordingly.
Oct 02, 2022 15:34 (IST)
"Children need to become active agents of change": Sharon Jacob, State Advocacy and Programme Manager, PLAN India
Oct 02, 2022 15:31 (IST)
Pinakiranjan Mishra, EY India Consumer Leader, said that companies were becoming aware of the impact of climate change. He said that climate crises affects the poor more and therefore more sustainable products were needed to mitigate it.
Oct 02, 2022 15:28 (IST)
"The irresponsibility of the people towards the climate crisis is risking future generations to come. The researchers and various data have reiterated how we've reached a tipping point and are close to going over the other side," Ms Pednekar said. She urged people to work in an individualistic capacity towards giving the present and future generations a fair chance of having a planet that's abundant, healthy, and fair.
Oct 02, 2022 15:25 (IST)
Actor Bhumi Pednekar Warns About Climate Crisis, Says It’s A ‘Looming Threat To Humanity’

Ms. Pednekar quoted cities like Mumbai and Delhi as examples of some of the biggest producers of waste every day that adversely affects the environment.

Read here to know more about Bhumi Pednekar take on climate crisis: Actor Bhumi Pednekar Warns About Climate Crisis, Says It's A 'Looming Threat To Humanity'  
Oct 02, 2022 15:15 (IST)
Singer Astha Gill said that a proper sleep pattern was equally important for a healthier lifestyle. "One must ensure they get 8 hours of sleep," she said.
Oct 02, 2022 14:55 (IST)
Catch Astha Gill LIVE soon on the Lakshya – Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon!
Oct 02, 2022 14:55 (IST)
"Comics help in delivering the message, it's a good initiative": Jaaferi
Oct 02, 2022 14:50 (IST)
Chacha Chaudhary Is Back To Teach Us About Hygiene! Actor & Producer, Jaaved Jaaferi Performs
Oct 02, 2022 14:46 (IST)
Dr. Jyotsna, Manager, Purpose Programmes, Reckitt (for the Chacha Chaudhary comic section) joins the Lakshya – Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon
Speaking about the importance of hygiene, Dr. Sistla that the comics have proved to be great medium to convey the message of hygiene to kids. "The kids love comics and Chacha Chaudhary is loved across generations, stories are good way to communicate with children on hygiene," she said.
Oct 02, 2022 14:43 (IST)
Dilen Gandhi, Regional Marketing Director, South Asia, Health & Nutrition, Reckitt said that Dettol provided soaps and the liquid gels to make handwashing fun. "We recently have launched Rs 10 powder that can be mixed water to turn it into a soap," Mr. Gandhi said.
Oct 02, 2022 14:38 (IST)
Senior Technical Advisor for Social & Behaviour Change, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Bloomberg School of Public Health, said that entertainment was an effective way to create habits and be scientific.
Oct 02, 2022 14:36 (IST)
Winners of Dettol's First Hygiene Olympiad Under its Banega Swasth India Initiative were given a cash prize of Rs. 15,000
In September, Dettol launched India's first and largest hygiene Olympiad which reached 24 million children in 8.5 lakh schools across India. The main aim of this programme was to assess awareness of hygiene practices though an exam, identify hygiene gaps and encourage children to learn about the importance of hygiene in their lives. Meet some of the winners of the Olympiad who participated in the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India's Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon.
Oct 02, 2022 14:34 (IST)
"It's about developing habits in anybody and not just children": Sonali Khan, Managing Director of Sesame Workshop India on the importance of hygiene practices in families
Oct 02, 2022 14:20 (IST)
Ms. Munchal has been running a mission called 'saving little hearts'. So far 2,500 patients have saved through the mission.
Oct 02, 2022 14:17 (IST)
Palak Muchhal's Melodious Performance Add Colours To The Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka
At the launch of the season of the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India campaign, Palak Muchhal, Playback Singer, National Award Winner and Guinness World Record Holder performed some of her songs. The melodious voice and the popular Bollywood songs added colours to the event.
Oct 02, 2022 14:16 (IST)
A look at the Hygiene Play Park in Aragonda, Andhra Pradesh, an initiative of Apollo Hospitals with Dettol Banega Swasth India
Oct 02, 2022 14:09 (IST)
"Vaccinology has saved many lives in 20th and 21t century. Safety is important and there is a high bar regarding safety from vaccine. There will be a rare cases like 3-4/million but the benefits outweigh the risks," Dr. Soumya Swaminathan.
Oct 02, 2022 13:45 (IST)
Dr. Swaminathan said that the world needed to prepare vaccines for several diseases like new ebola outbreak, nipah, etc., and scale up the production. Vaccine have saved 20 million lives and few more would have saved if there were more or early. Dr. Swaminathan said that vaccines were developed with high efficacy and safety, and they prevent severe disease.
Oct 02, 2022 13:42 (IST)
"We've learnt a lot in 2.5 years, we don't know how it will evolve": Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist, WHO, On the Learnings From COVID Pandemic Vaccines Efficacy
Speaking about the pandemic, Dr. Swaminathan said that Omicron would be predominant one among all. "Hopefully it will become like a virus which won't make us very sick but worst case is if it evolves and causes severe disease," she added.
Oct 02, 2022 13:38 (IST)
Puppets Create Awareness About Good Health And Hygiene
Awareness doesn't always have to be dense or in the form of teaching, it can be fun as well. At the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India's Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon, a puppet show seamlessly spoke about health and hygenie.
Oct 02, 2022 13:35 (IST)
Sonali Khan, Managing Director of Sesame Workshop India, said that they inculcate hygiene education among children in a playful fashion, as it is the best way to learn. " We have ads like 'Washy Washy', and kids loved it. For us, this has been the prime way of engaging with kids, and to reduce the fear from children regarding COVID-19 and build habits," Ms. Khan added.
Oct 02, 2022 13:31 (IST)
Nagaland education minister Temjen Imna Along joins Lakshya – Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon
Mr. Along bursts the myth of northeastern community not giving enough attention to hand hygiene. The minister detailed how Nagaland was one of the few states that had less number of people affected during the coronavirus pandemic. "This was possible because of proper hygiene and someone of the cleanest villages of India are in the northeastern states," the minister said.
Oct 02, 2022 13:22 (IST)
"Talk about hygiene in holistic manner": Dr Suneela Garg, Chair, Programme Advisory Committee, National Institute of Health & Family Welfare and Member, Lancet Commission
Oct 02, 2022 13:11 (IST)
Percussionist and folk musician, Rais Khan and his group enthrall the viewers of the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India's Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka 12-hour Telethon with the folk music of Rajasthan.
Oct 02, 2022 13:07 (IST)
Ravi Bhatnagar, Director, External Affairs Partnership SOA, Reckitt, said that the collaboration between Apollo and Dettol has given a positive result, and the firm has received request from 7 states.
Oct 02, 2022 12:52 (IST)
Exercising Is A habit, A Part Of My Routine: Sidharth Malhotra
"For me it's not number of hours, it's a routine. I do yoga, meditate or do martial arts. I don't count number of hours," Mr. Malhotra said.
Oct 02, 2022 12:43 (IST)
Actor Sidharth Malhotra joins 12-hour Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon
Oct 02, 2022 12:42 (IST)
Dr. Prathap Reddy, Founder of Apollo Hospitals, emphasised the importance of hygiene habits. He spoke about the company's initiative with Dettol Banega Swasth India of creating a one-of-a-kind Hygiene Play Park in Aragonda, Andhra Pradesh to promote the importance of good hygiene practices.

Oct 02, 2022 12:39 (IST)
"Womb to tomb": Anneysa Ghosh Kumar, CEO of Apollo Foundation Totale Health
"If someone lives for 80 years is 4000 weeks of life. We screen people and data helps in data driven intervention, it helps in setting up war rooms," Ms Kumar said.
Oct 02, 2022 12:30 (IST)
"Don't eradicate poor to remove poverty": Ramdas Athawale
Mr. Athawale said that his ministry empowered the Scheduled caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward classes, Denotified Tribes, Old Age, Transgender. He said the ministry works extensively on eardicating poverty don't eradicate poor to remove poverty.
Oct 02, 2022 12:24 (IST)
"Agar banega swasth india toh banega mast India": Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Ramdas Athawale
Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Ramdas Athawale, said that his ministry is helping the kids to get education. "Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also working on this swasth bharat yojna. My ministry has a budget of 1.42 lakh crore for social justice, and our goal is to eradicate poverty and need everyone's support. Social Justice along with empowerment is our job, SC, ST, OBC, DNT, Old Age, Transgender, we were work for them," Mr. Athawale added.
Oct 02, 2022 12:19 (IST)
The area has a total of 300 Musahar people, who are the poorest of the scheduled castes. The community narrates their ordeal of unavailability of lack of food, education, work, appropriate healthcare system and much more.
Oct 02, 2022 12:17 (IST)
The Multiple Healthcare Challenges Faced By Musahar Community In Bihar
NDTV's Parimal Kumar speaks to the people of the Musahar community of Kubaul in Darbhanga, to understand how we as a society can ensure healthcare for the most marginalised people.
Oct 02, 2022 11:55 (IST)
Mr. Bhutia performed at the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India's Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka 12-hour telethon. His raps were based on inclusivity, catering to the North-East.
Oct 02, 2022 11:54 (IST)
Rapper Ugen Namgyal Bhutia (UNB) Grooves At The Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka
Oct 02, 2022 11:53 (IST)
Healthcare Just A Click Away With The 'Khushi Baby' App

NDTV's Harsha Kumari Singh interacts with the ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) Workers in Rajasthan, who are utilising an application called 'Khushi Baby' to effectively communicate with people in remote areas. The application ties tradition with technology to uplift community healthcare for underserved populations in rural India.  
Oct 02, 2022 11:49 (IST)
The 'Diarrhoea Net Zero Kit' includes Dettol sanitizer, soap, thermometer, a strip of zinc supplements and Oral Rehydration Salts, awareness leaflets, and 14-day follow up card or checklist for the parents or the person monitoring the patient.

Oct 02, 2022 11:43 (IST)
Reckitt launched the Net Zero Diarrhoea Kit, which is a box full of essential items that are needed to treat diarrhoea patients including children, during the NDTV-Dettol Banega Swasth India 12-hour Lakshya, Sampoorn Swasthya Ka telethon with Amitabh Bachchan.
Oct 02, 2022 11:20 (IST)
"ASHA workers must be given the right incentives and healthy meals": Global Nutrition Leadership Awardee Basanta Kumar Kar
"While ASHA workers are taking the health message to the people, but many of them themselves are malnourished. A lot of them are anaemic - this needs to be an area of priority for government. They need to be taken care of," Mr. Kar said.

Mr. Kar said that malnutrition was a silent pandemic, and this needed to be taken care of among the ASHA workers.
Oct 02, 2022 11:15 (IST)
Odisha's ASHA Worker's Focus Is Mother And Child Health
Matilda Kullu, an ASHA worker from Odisha, who has been featured in the Forbes India W-Power 2021 list joined the Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka telethon and shared the role of ASHA workers. Ms Kullu, who has been at forefront of healthcare delivery, focuses on maternal and child health and facilitate pregnant women during delivery.
Oct 02, 2022 11:11 (IST)
Actor Sonu Sood conveyed his gratitude to all the ASHA workers, for building a great network to reach the most remote places in India. "They are also key data collectors, which help in the overall healthcare machinery," Mr. Sood said.
Oct 02, 2022 11:08 (IST)
A Day In The Lives Of ASHA Workers!
ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activist), an all-women cadre of community health workers, are India's real health heroes. They are the first port of call for any health-related demands of deprived sections of the population. We take a look into their daily work life.
Oct 02, 2022 11:02 (IST)
Actor Sonu Sood joins the 12-hour Lakshya - Sampoorn Swasthya Ka Telethon
Oct 02, 2022 11:00 (IST)
"The vaccines available globally are so expensive, but India helps its citizens and the world by bringing world-class vaccines at an affordable price. As companies making vaccines we have always stood for innovation. India now supplies vaccines to the world too. Today, we stand as the 3rd nation in the world to make the rotavirus vaccine," Ms. Ella said.
Oct 02, 2022 10:59 (IST)
Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director of BharatBiotech, Suchitra Ella, said that India has been a forerunner in vaccinating children. The country's vaccine program is a success because the public institutions are in place, Ms. Ella added.
Oct 02, 2022 10:43 (IST)
Ms. Seth urged citizens to take care of their health as a part of their daily routine. "Just like we do riyaaz daily, similarly taking care of one's health is also a daily routine we all must follow. It also enhances our personality," she said.