Lalu Yadav Is Model For Ramdev's Special Cream And Energy Bars

Ramdev then decided to do an on-the-spot demo, furiously rubbing some gold cream on Mr Yadav's forehead for that 'instant glow'.


  • Ramdev rubs Patanjali face cream on Lalu Yadav, feeds him energy bar
  • He was slamming reports that powdered bone had been found in his products
  • We will soon upstage giants like Colgate, Unilever & Nestle, he said
New Delhi: Yoga teacher Ramdev demonstrated his Patanjali brand's special gold cream on an unlikely model this morning - Lalu Yadav.  The Bihar politician beamed at the cameras and also declared: "Ramdev's soap has my cow's milk."

Mr Yadav had invited Ramdev for a yoga session in Delhi, which soon morphed into an endorsement spot for Patanjali products.

"In normal soaps, there is excess soda, but not Ramdev's soap. It will keep the skin healthy," Mr Yadav said.

He also described as a "conspiracy" the reports of powdered bone in products sold by Ramdev's brand.

Ramdev then decided to go for an on-the-spot demo, furiously rubbing gold cream on Mr Yadav's forehead.

"It will add beauty to your face. We make Ayurvedic products, foreign companies use chemicals," said the yoga guru, proceeding to feed the 67-year-old politician an energy bar.

The exchange drew interest especially as the former chief minister and the yoga teacher - who is seen to be close to the BJP - are on the opposite sides of the political spectrum.

Last year, Lalu Yadav had been less charitable about Ramdev when he commented: "Ramdev said he will do yogasan in Ramlila Maidan.  When the police came, he did kudasan" - a reference to the yoga teacher jumping off a stage when the police cracked down on his protest in 2011.

He also goaded Ramdev on his "silence" on what he called the BJP government's empty promises on bringing back black money.

Ramdev has said that Patanjali Ayurved will soon upstage giants like Colgate, Unilever and Nestle.

"Patanjali products would make shut the 'gate' in Colgate. The birds in Nestle's nest (logo) will also fly away," Ramdev told reporters recently, adding that the Ayurveda company is aiming at a turnover of over Rs.10,000 crore in 2016-17.

One of the reasons for the brand's success, he said then, was that it did not have paid brand ambassadors.

Lalu Yadav appears to have joined the ranks of these ambassadors.