KCR smiles, ends 11-day fast over Telangana

Hyderabad: TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao has called off his 11-day fast. He ended the hunger strike a little after midnight on the assurance from the Centre that the process to form a separate Telangana state would be initiated soon.

"He just smiled," is how KCR's daughter Kavitha described the TRS chief's first reaction when he heard the Centre had said yes to a separate Telangana state.

A relieved and smiling Kavita, who was at KCR's bedside during his 11-day fast, thanked the government and Home Minister P Chidambaram and said, "Thank God it's in our favour."

The TRS chief's health had deteriorated steadily since last week as he was refusing both oral and intravenous feeding.

On Wednesday morning, KCR showed signs of protein malnutrition in the form of decreased protein in the blood. He had become weaker, his weight had reduced further, leading to protein loss. His protein and fat reserves are getting depleted, doctors said.

Doctors had informed of an urgent need for insertion of central intravenous lines for administration of fluids and medicines.

But KCR had refused IV fluids, antibiotic tests and also blood tests. Morning tests could not be taken. Doctors said he had to resume oral fluids immediately failing which his condition would deteriorate further.

In the afternoon, however, KCR agreed to take IV fluids and was better, but doctors were concerned about a fungal infection.

KCR's calling off his fast comes as a relief not only to his anxious family, but also the administration which was constantly on tenterhooks as his health failed. Repeated requests from the Andhra Chief Minister, Speaker and other senior leaders to end his fast failed to make him budge.

On Wednesday, his fellow MPs on the Lok Sabha too appealed to him to call off the hunger strike.
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