"What My Son Did Was...": Mother Of Karnataka Murder Accused

The issue has become a pain point for the Congress with the BJP and the girl's father claiming that this case points to a breakdown of law.

Neha Hiremath was murdered by a man in her college.


Massive protests have broken out across Karnataka after a Congress corporator's daughter was stabbed to death in an alleged unsuccessful attempt of 'love jihad'.  23-year-old Neha Hiremath was stabbed seven times by Fayaz Khondunaik after she rejected his advances, cops said.

The issue has become a pain point for the Congress with the BJP and the girl's father claiming that this case points to a breakdown of law and order in the state. The state government have said that the incident is a one-off and does not point to 'love jihad' within the state.

Niranjan Hiremath, Neha's father and Congress corporator, said that he has seen several other such incidents and he hopes that such a thing doesn't happen to anyone else.

"These things are happening. When we observe in various places, their cruel nature is increasing. The youngsters are going astray. Why they go through such mental state? We have lost our daughter. This shouldn't happen to anyone else. That's our prayer. We have seen others suffering like this. I feel that this problem of Love Jihad is spreading," he said.

"The gang had conspired for a long time. They had planned either to trap her or to execute her. They have been threatening her in that backdrop. However, the girl did not heed to their threats," Mr Hiremath added.

Police have arrested the lead accused and an investigation is on.

As protests rage across the state seeking strict punishment for Fayaz, his mother sought forgiveness and said that what her son did was wrong.

"On behalf of my son, I seek forgiveness from all people of Karnataka. I seek forgiveness from the parents of the girl as well. She is also like my daughter. I am not differentiating here at all. I know how they must be grieving. I am equally sorrowful.  What my son did is wrong. No matter who it is, what is done is wrong," Mumtaz, Fayaz's mother, said.

Neha Hiremath, daughter of Congress corporator Niranjan Hiremath, was a first-year Master of Computer Applications student at the BV Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology in Hubballi. Officials said she had known her attacker, Fayaz - who also studied with her at the college, but later dropped out - for some time.

Around 5 pm on Thursday, Neha was walking inside the campus when Fayaz confronted her. CCTV footage shows a couple of sentences being exchanged between them before Fayaz attacks her. Neha falls to the ground after being stabbed the first time and Fayaz goes on to knife her at least six more times.

Fayaz then makes a run for it while some students chase after him.