Jailed TV Exec Indrani Mukerjea's New Charge After Daughter's-Alive Claim

Indrani Mukerjea had recently claimed that Sheena Bora is alive but CBI said it was "next to impossible".

Jailed TV Exec Indrani Mukerjea's New Charge After Daughter's-Alive Claim

Sheena Bora case: Indrani Mukerjea said the CBI's reply is devoid of merits. (File)


Indrani Mukerjea, accused of killing her daughter Sheena Bora, has said the CBI was reluctant to probe her "Sheena is alive" claim to cover up their own "shoddy investigation" in the case.

Indrani Mukerjea had recently submitted an eight-page application before the special CBI court claiming that Sheena Bora is alive and had urged it to direct the Central Bureau of Investigation to probe her claim.

Last, week the CBI had submitted a written response, which said her claim was a "figment of her imagination” and that it was "next to impossible" Sheena Bora was alive.

The CBI had further said Ms Mukerjea's application had no merit and that it had been filed with malafide intention to delay the hearing of the trial.

On Thursday, Indrani Mukerjea, through her lawyer Sana Khan, filed a rejoinder to CBI's reply. The details were made available on Saturday.

"The CBI's reply is devoid of merits, malafide and shrouded with misleading and false submissions, assumptions and presumptions with a clear intent to suppress the truth," she said in her rejoinder, adding that the agency's reluctance to examine Asha Korke was nothing but a clear indication of "malafide intent" to cover their "shoddy" investigation in this case.

Indrani Mukerjea has claimed Asha Korke, a former police inspector lodged in Byculla women's prison in an extortion case, had told her that in June, 2021 she had met a woman in Srinagar who looked like Sheena Bora.

Her rejoinder further said the CBI had conducted the investigation in the case in the most "unprofessional" and "shockingly shoddy manner", causing grief to the applicant (Indrani Mukerjea) who is completely innocent.

"The evidence that has come on record in the court has concretely established several false and palpably wrong information and evidence has been presented to make a false case against the applicant (Indrani Mukerjea)," it said.

She claimed CBI had misled the court and was still making attempts to cause prejudice against her.

Indrani Mukerjea was arrested in 2015 along with her then husband Peter Mukerjea and her former husband Sanjeev Khanna in connection with the killing of her daughter Sheena Bora.

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