This Article is From Sep 15, 2020

"It's All About TRPs": Supreme Court's 10 Big Quotes On Electronic Media

The comments have been viewed by many in context with the criticism of the Sushant Singh Rajput investigations by a section of the media.

'It's All About TRPs': Supreme Court's 10 Big Quotes On Electronic Media

A journalist shares the same freedom as other citizens, the Supreme Court said

New Delhi: A private channel's TV show pitched as an expose on a "conspiracy of Muslim infiltration in government service'' was put on hold today by the Supreme Court, which made very strong remarks on the state of the electronic media and called for a panel of distinguished persons to set standards for channels.

Here are the 10 top quotes by Supreme Court judges:

  1. The problem with the electronic media is all about TRPs, leading to more and more sensationalism, damage reputation of people and masquerade as form of right

  2. The power of electronic media is huge. It can become a focal point by targeting particular community or groups

  3. Such allegations (Muslims infiltrating civil services) are without factual basis; how can this be allowed? Can such programmes be allowed in a free society?

  4. Reputations can be damaged; image can be tarnished. How to control this? The state cannot do this

  5. The edifice of a stable democratic society and constitutional rights and duties are based on the coexistence of communities. Any attempt to vilify a community must be viewed with disfavour

  6. We need to look at the ownership of the visual media. Entire shareholding pattern of the company must be public. Revenue model of the company should also be put up to check if the government is putting more advertisements in one and less in another

  7. Media can't fall foul of standards prescribed by themselves. One needs to see the role of anchor. Check in the TV debates, the percentage of time taken by the anchor to speak. They mute the speaker and ask questions

  8. When we talk about journalistic freedom, it is not absolute. A journalist shares the same freedom as other citizens. There is no separate freedom for journalists like in the US. We need journalists who are fair in their debates

  9. Let the best within the nation suggest measures which we can help debate on our platform and then arrive at standards. Now an anchor is targeting one community. To say we are a democracy we need to have certain standards in place

  10. No programme that creates communal disharmony can be aired. It is right that the harmony which exists in India is disturbed?