Internal Security Key To Making India A $5 Trillion Economy: Amit Shah

Amit Shah also said affiliated colleges will be opened in states after a central police university is set up to train people in the profession.

Internal Security Key To Making India A $5 Trillion Economy: Amit Shah

Amit Shah said while the country was known for its unity in diversity, it also "increased vulnerability".


Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday said the reason behind strengthening the internal security was to make India a USD 5 trillion economy.

"After Modiji came to power, the economy has been strengthened. By 2024, we aim to make India a USD 5 trillion economy. When we make this effort, we should understand that many powers will get active to stop us," he said.

"Who will face this? We have to stop this. Cyber attacks, fake currency, and scams have to be investigated thoroughly. Only then we will be able to provide impetus to the dream of Modiji," he said addressing the concluding session of the 47th All-India Police Science Congress.

Amit Shah also stressed on the need to strengthen border security. "We cannot change our neighbour. We have to increase our alertness. 

No space should be provided to the seeds of terrorism which are sowed there," he said, without naming any country.

There should be "foolproof coordination" between the state police and the border forces, he said.

The home minister said in a federal country like India, there must be a holistic approach to internal security amid challenges of infiltration, fake currency, cyber-attacks and trafficking of humans, arms, narcotics, and animals.

Amit Shah said while India is known for its unity in diversity, it also "increases vulnerability".

"It gives space to the enemy to create rift," he said, adding that the enemy has to be "stopped and nipped in the bud".

"We have a democracy, demography, and decisiveness. Hence, we want to change the destiny of India. I am confident that under the leadership of Modji we will be able to do it," Amit Shah said, stressing that every state and Union territory needs to contribute to it.

He said the All-India Police Science Congress should become the torchbearer of this transformation.

"It will only be possible when the discussions held here are implemented in a good spirit," he added.

The home minister said the Centre has decided to amend the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).

"The IPC and the CrPC were enacted during the British rule to secure the empire but a free country like India must change its priority for a better future of citizens. Its (British) priority was its own government. Now we are free and that approach will not work," he said.

Amit Shah also sought suggestions from state police departments, judges and lawyers besides civil society to bring the IPC and the CrPC in line with the democratic functioning of the government.

"Such changes take place once in a century and I feel that you should contribute to such transformations," he said.

Amit Shah also praised police for maintaining law and order after the revocation of Jammu and Kashmir''s special status and the Supreme Court verdict in the Ayodhya case.

He said measures like countrywide NRC and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill could be implemented with effective coordination between central and state security apparatus.

The minister also said affiliated colleges will be opened in states after a central police university is set up to train people.

"We are going to build Raksha Shakti University. It will be a central university. The state where there is no police university, a college affiliated to it will be opened. The children who decide to go into professional policing will get an education there," he said.

Amit Shah said students would learn about policing, forensic science, law and telecommunication, among other things, in the university after passing Class 10.

He also indicated that the government plans to open another university to teach forensic sciences.

"At range-level, there should be a small forensic laboratory and at the state-level a bigger one. We need trained forensic science manpower, hence, we want a set up a forensic science university," he said.

Amit Shah spoke about establishing a "modus operandi bureau" besides creating the post of the director (prosecution) in each state.

Speaking about the menace of drugs, he said, "Narcotics is spoiling the youth of the country."

He also promised to bring about a wholesome change in the entire structure of the narcotics bureau.

Amit Shah also stressed on bringing a change in people's perception of the police force and vice versa.

"It is our responsibility to see that people's perception of police and police's perception of people are changed," he said.

"The police are the first responder in an incident and it is our responsibility to increase the quantum of respect towards police among citizens," he added.

The minister also praised Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

"Today, I can say with pride that the law and order have improved and it is an example of motivational leadership," he said.

Praising the police force, he said, "While we are sitting here and talking about narcotics control, smuggling, terrorism, Naxalism, fake currency and routine law and order, perhaps we do not know that the success that we are looking at has come at the cost of sacrifice of more than 35,000 jawans."

Concluding his address, Amit Shah said, "Our aim is to take the system to results. Our prime minister has envisioned SMART -- sensitive, modern, alert, responsive and techno-savvy -- police."

The two-day congress was inaugurated by Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi on Thursday.

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