Inherited Lethargy, Says PM in UAE, Taking Strike at Congress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the investors in Abu Dhabi on Monday

Abu Dhabi: Investment opportunities worth a trillion dollars await investors from the United Arab Emirates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised a group of high-profile businessmen in the area today. "I inherited problems of indecision, lethargy from the previous government, but I am working to fix that," the PM said, in a barb that is certain to draw virulent objections from the Congress party that was emphatically voted out in last year's election.

The PM is on a two-day visit to the UAE, the first trip by an Indian Prime Minister to the region in over 30 years.

Mr Modi said that India's potential in tourism remains untapped. "You have managed to persuade the world to come visit your desert," he said, "India wants the world at its doorstep as well."

Tonight, the PM will address a cricket stadium packed with 40,000 Indians in Dubai. Thousands others will watch his speech on large screens installed outside.