This Article is From Jan 29, 2023

"India's Dream Of 'Techade' Will Be Fulfilled By Its Innovators": PM Modi

This underscores the country's increasing scientific capabilities, Narendra Modi said in the first episode of 'Mann ki Baat' in the new year.

'India's Dream Of 'Techade' Will Be Fulfilled By Its Innovators': PM Modi

India's patent registration has risen by 50 per cent in the last five years, PM said. (File)

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that domestic patent filings have outscored the country's foreign patent filings as he expressed confidence that India's dream of "techade" will be fulfilled on the strength of its innovators.

This underscores the country's increasing scientific capabilities, Narendra Modi said in the first episode of 'Mann ki Baat' in the new year.

PM Modi has in the past used "techade" to describe the decade being dominated by technologies and India making most of it.

He said India's rank in patent filling is seventh globally while it is fifth in trademark registration. India's patent registration has risen by 50 per cent in the last five years, the prime minister said, noting that its ranking in the global innovation index has surged to 40 from below 80 in 2015.

"I am confident that India's dream of techade will be fulfilled by its innovators and their patents," he said.

The premier Indian Institute of Science had 145 patents in 2022 which is a rare record, Modi said.

In the broadcast, he informed people that the total number of Ramsar sites, an international recognition for wetlands, in the country has increased to 75 from 26 in 2014.

Lauding local communities, PM Modi said they deserve praise for preserving the biodiversity.

"It is also a tribute to our age-old culture and tradition of living in harmony with nature. These wetlands of India are also an example of our natural potential. Chilika Lake of Odisha is known to shelter more than 40 waterbird species. Kaibul-Lamjaa, Loktak is considered to be the only natural habitat of the Swamp Deer," he said.

Touching on the subject of e-waste, the prime minister said if it is not disposed of properly, it can also harm the environment but if dealt carefully, it can become a great force in the circular economy of recycle and reuse.

Noting that a United Nations report said 50 million tonnes of e-waste is being thrown every year, PM Modi said if the weight of all the commercial planes built so far is combined, it will not equal the amount of e-waste being released.

It is like every second 800 laptops are being thrown away, he said.

Use of technologies and start-ups have made India a "global recycling hub", PM Modi said.

There is no dearth of start-ups that are doing innovative work in this direction, he said.

"Those working in the field of e-waste say that at present, only 15-17 per cent e-waste is being recycled every year," the prime minister said.

In his address, Modi noted that this year's Padma awards, described by him as "People's Padma", include a number of tribal people or those working for the community besides those who have strengthened the world of music.

He urged people to read about the winners and said their stories will inspire new generations.

"Many awardees are those who always kept the country paramount, dedicating their lives to the principle of 'nation first'. They never expected any reward for it. The satisfaction of those they are working for is the biggest award for them. Our countrymen's pride has risen by honouring such dedicated people," he said.

Lauding a book, 'India - The Mother of Democracy', the prime minister said Indians are also proud of the fact that their country is the "mother of democracy". "Democracy is in our veins and is our culture. It has been an integral part of our work for centuries. By nature, India is a democratic society", he said.

"After reading this book, you will feel how the spirit of democracy has been flowing in every part of the country for centuries," PM Modi said.

The prime minister also lauded rising acceptance of Yoga and millets, saying that it was on India's proposals that the United Nations adopted June 21 as the International Day of Yoga and declared this year as International Year of Millets.

"Milletpreneurs" of Odisha are in the limelight these days, he said, mentioning a self-help group of about 1,500 women producing several delicacies made of millets.

Citing several other developments in different states related to millets growing popularity, he said meals prepared from there are being served at various G20 events being across the country.

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