This Article is From Feb 11, 2018

"India Seeing Revolution In Digital Payment Technology": PM Modi In Dubai

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the World Government Summit in Dubai

New Delhi: Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced his six 'R's - reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, redesign and re-manufacture - all of which will be possible with the correct use of technology, he said. Mr Modi pitched "technology for development" and progressive view of the country to Indians living in Dubai; he said the country is seeing "a digital revolution". The Prime Minister is visiting Dubai for the foundation stone-laying ceremony of the first Hindu temple in the United Arab Emirates.

Top quotes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi In Dubai

  1. With 6 ‘R’s - reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, redesign, re-manufacture - technology will take us to a point where we can rejoice

  2. Projects stuck for even 40 years have started moving; files stuck due to bureaucracy, have started moving because of real-time monitoring, made possible by technology

  3. India's government departments are mapping their resources using satellite imagery

  4. With Aadhaar, $8 billion worth of leakages have been plugged. There is a digital payment revolution happening in India

  5. We are creating an innovation ecosystem in India through the Start-Up India programme

  6. Technology is helping us to properly understand the need to set up a ministry of happiness and a ministry of future

  7. We have to understand that we must use technology for the development of humankind, not its destruction. The cost of misuse of technology is very high

  8. Some people are radicalising the cyber space, some are using technology to make bombs and missiles

  9. With the help of Indian technical and economic cooperation, 160 nations have improved their infrastructure; Africa has improved tele-medicine and education facilities with India's help

  10. India's Mars orbiter mission has seen success greater than what they show in science fiction movies in Hollywood

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