"In Today's India, Uri Is Our Reply...": S Jaishankar On Stance Against Terrorism

The External Affairs Minister highlighted Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership in handling security challenges.

'In Today's India, Uri Is Our Reply...': S Jaishankar On Stance Against Terrorism

The minister also praised the dedication and resilience of India's armed forces.


External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Wednesday reaffirmed India's unwavering stance against cross-border terrorism, particularly highlighting Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership in handling security challenges.

Reflecting on past experiences, Mr Jaishankar drew attention to India's stance on cross-border terrorism before PM Modi's era, and underscored a notable shift since the Mumbai attacks in 2008, stating, "That era is now behind us. Since the Mumbai attacks on 26/11, we haven't witnessed any major terrorist incidents in our country. In today's India, be it any terrorist incident, Uri is our reply."

Mr Jaishankar emphasised the criticality of security in border regions, acknowledging its paramount importance to every citizen.

"Security is a significant concern in these border districts, and it holds immense importance in the minds of every citizen," he said while addressing a press conference in Bikaner.

Highlighting the challenges faced on the northern borders, the external affairs minister praised the dedication and resilience of India's armed forces. "Even in the northern borders, despite facing various hardships such as extreme weather conditions and pandemics, our forces stand firm, ready to confront any adversity," he asserted.

Mr Jaishankar emphasised the transformative impact of PM Modi's leadership, drawing a clear distinction between the governance of the past and the present. "The difference lies in Modi ji. Earlier, PM Modi wasn't there, now PM Modi is here. That's why there's been a difference in the last 10 years," he explained.

Drawing from his extensive experience in government roles, Mr Jaishankar highlighted the importance of strong leadership and clarity in decision-making. "When the system perceives strong leadership, there's clarity in directives, making it easier for us to articulate our stance and act decisively," he noted.

"It's easier for us to state our case, and even if we need to take some action, there's no doubt for us. We know that we have 100 per cent backing, and we don't hesitate to act," the minister said.

"I've been in government for 47 years, so I've seen many Prime Ministers; I've seen many administrations. But I can tell you that in the last 10 years, when I talk about foreign policy, if you go to other ministries, delve into different issues, look at governance, you'll see that when there's good governance, when there's leadership, when there's commitment, when there's a connection with the public, you see these results," Mr Jaishankar added.

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