In Telangana, a sense of isolation

Hyderabad: Two days after the contents of the Srikrishna committee report were made public, there is disappointment and confusion among the people of the Telangana region about the road ahead.

"We want Telangana. We get educated and work as labour and donkeys here. For how long will domination by the Andhra and Rayalaseema people continue?'' says a pro Telangana man on the streets of Hyderabad.

At the Jadcherla market yard in Mahbubnagar, it doesn't take time for the locals to get passionate and emotional on the issue of Telangana. Everyone is concerned and everyone has an opinion.

"Telangana must come... at least so that the lives of our children can be better than ours... our lives have got wasted away... let our children get a chance," said another man who works at the Jadcherala market yard.

While some see the future of their children in dark, for some the diplomacy of political leaders is the reason behind demanding a separate Telangana.

"No one would have been asking for a separate Telangana today if only our political leaders had not let us down," said another man.

In Mahbubnagar town the pro-Telangana Joint Action Committee is demanding that the Central government must act on its promise for a separate Telangana, irrespective of the Srikrishna committee report recommendations.

On ground zero, college students have once again come back to the forefront of the Telangana agitation, their aspiration for a job and dream for a better life linked to the idea of a separate state.

"We waited 365 days. The Srikrishna committee stopped us for so long. It has given six options. But it is not acceptable to us," said Guruvaiah who is a student.

The prime concern now is whether the prolonged turmoil and uncertainty will translate into a better tomorrow.