This Article is From Feb 02, 2022

Highlights: India Has Been Weakened, Institutions Under Attack, Says Rahul Gandhi

There are now two distinct Indias - one for the rich and the other for the poor, Rahul Gandhi said, adding, "The gap between the two is growing."

Rahul Gandhi accused the government of bringing China and Pakistan closer

New Delhi:

Rahul Gandhi, during the debate on the presidential address, targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying the "idea of a king is back". There are now two distinct Indias, he said, one for the rich and the other for the poor, he said, adding, "The gap between the two is growing."

Here are the Highlights of Rahul Gandhi's Parliament address:

What did the Presidential address not speak about? I think there are three fundamental things: The first is the idea that there are two Indias, not one India. One is for the extremely rich people who have immense wealth and don't need jobs. The other is for the poor: Rahul Gandhi

For my friends in the government, the spirit with which I speak is of discomfort, the spirit is not of criticism. Take it from a citizen of the country who is concerned about the situation. The gap between the two Indias is growing. You (President) didn't speak about what happened in Bihar. There was not a single sentence about unemployment in the President's address. India's youth is asking for employment but your government couldn't give jobs. Three crore youth lost employment in 2021. Highest unemployment in 50 years: Rahul Gandhi

"How much employment is given, you don't speak about that because if you do people of the country will think you are joking. Most of our jobs are in the informal sector. You gave money from that sector to India's richest. You attacked the informal sector. How? Through demonetisation, wrong GST, no help during Covid. 84% of the population's income has decreased. In the UPA government, 23 crores were lifted out of poverty," Rahul Gandhi said.

"These are not our stats. These are true stats. You have put 23 crore people back into poverty. Monopolies are being formed in the formal sector. One person was given, I won't name, all of India's ports, airports, mining, gas distribution, whatever there is. Adani can be seen there. On the other side, there is Ambani ji. All of the money is going to a chosen few," he said.

"All small and medium industries have been destroyed by you. If you supported them, the manufacturing sector could have been created. You talk about "Make-in-India" but it can't be so because they are informal sector and small and medium industries that you have destroyed. In the last five years, manufacturing jobs dropped by 46%," Mr Gandhi said.

"Do not think this India will stay quiet. This poor India can see India's richest 100 have more wealth than 55 crore people," Rahul Gandhi said.

"Start uniting these two Indias as soon as possible. You are giving everything to a few people who put you on TV and WhatsApp. If you read the Constitution, you'll find that India is described as a union of states. It is not described as a nation. That means that brothers from Tamil Nadu have the same rights as my brother from Maharasthra, J&K, Manipur, and Lakshadweep," he said.

"It is a negotiation, it is a conversation, it is a partnership, not a kingdom. You'll never ever rule over the people of Tamil Nadu. No matter what fantasies you might have. It (ruling Indian states) has never been done in 3,000 years. Look at any empire you want. India has always been ruled by conversation. You have no idea of history, you have no idea what you are dealing with," Rahul Gandhi said.

"The people of Kerala have a culture, they have dignity, they have a history. The people of Rajasthan have a culture, they have dignity, they have a history, they have a way of life. This is like a bouquet of flowers. I learn from all the people. I learn from you. There is another vision that India can be ruled by a stick from the Centre. Every time that has happened, the stick has been broken," Rahul Gandhi said.

"I'll speak on the Emergency as well. I don't fear talking about it. There are two visions of India. No power has been able to challenge this bouquet of flowers. The idea of a king has come back which Congress removed in 1947. Now there is a shehanshah. Now the instruments of the conversations between our state and people are being attacked by one idea. So, for example, today the idea of Tamil Nadu is excluded from the Indian institution. You are saying get out of here. They don't have a voice. The farmers of Punjab can stand up but they do not have a voice. They died during the coronavirus pandemic during their protests. But the king didn't listen," Rahul Gandhi said.

"I was speaking to a brother from Manipur. He said, "I never felt so insulted." He said a Manipuri delegation had gone to meet Home Minister Amit Shah. They were asked to take off their shoes outside his house but inside, Amit Shah was wearing chappals. I will show you the photo Speaker Sir. This is not the way to treat the people of India. It is like, "You are nobody, I am everybody. That is why I will wear a shoe and you will not"," Rahul Gandhi said.

"The final and most important point. My understanding is that the RSS and the BJP are playing with the foundation of our country. They are weakening the links between the country. They are ensuring not a single youth can get a job. Ask yourself why you are not able to get a guest on Republic Day. India today is completely isolated and surrounded. We are surrounded in Nepal, Afghanistan, China," Rahul Gandhi said.

"We have been weakened. Our institutions are under attack. The Chinese have a very clear vision of what they want to do. The single biggest strategic goal of India's foreign policy is to keep Pakistan and China separate and you brought them closer. Do not underestimate the force, the power that stands before us. This is the single biggest crime against the people of India. I can clearly see that China has a plan," Rahul Gandhi said.

"We are all nationalists. The foundation of their plan has been put in place in Doklam. This is a very serious threat to the Indian nation. We have made huge strategic mistakes in J&K and in our foreign policy. It is very clear that the Chinese and Pakistanis are planning. Look at the weapons they are buying, look at the way they are talking. We have made a massive blunder and I am absolutely sure we can defend against the Chinese. Remember, you will be responsible. As a nation, it is important to listen to us. The nation is at risk from outside and inside. and I don't like that. This worries me. I know many of you will rubbish what I am saying but remember you are putting the nation at great risk," Rahul Gandhi said in Parliament.