'Godwoman' Radhe Maa Spotted In Police Officer's Chair, Probe Ordered

It is not known why Radhe Maa, 52, was at the police station in east Delhi, if not for questioning in the cases that have been filed against her.

'Godwoman' Radhe Maa has been caught on camera lording it over policemen in Delhi

New Delhi: Amid controversies circling self-declared gurus, "godwoman" Radhe Maa is on camera lording it over Delhi policemen who are now in big trouble. An officer is being investigated after a photograph showing the so-called spiritual leader sitting in his chair surfaced on social media. Another policeman seen singing with her has been suspended. Four more cops have been transferred.

In images that have hugely embarrassed the Delhi Police, Radhe Maa, 52, is seen sitting in the chair of the top officer at a police station in Vivek Vihar in east Delhi.  The officer, Sanjay Sharma, is seen standing next to her with his hands folded, draped in a bright red and gold scarf that clashes with his khaki uniform.

Mr Sharma's juniors claim she made herself comfortable in the chair when he was not around.

According to the Press Trust of India, Radhe Maa was on her way to a Ram Lila event and had stopped at the police station to use the washroom.

A video recorded at another police station shows a group of policemen grooving with Radhe Maa to patriotic songs. An Assistant Sub-Inspector, Braj Bhushan, sings the loudest as Radhe Maa sways, in the video posted on her Facebook page. He's been suspended while his associates have been transferred.

"An inquiry has been initiated against the Station House Officer(Sanjay Sharma) and five police personnel and they have been sent to district lines," senior police officer Ravindra Yadav said.
Two years ago, Radhe Maa rose to sudden prominence when her photographs in a red mini-skirt went viral on social media.

Originally Sukhvinder Kaur, Radhe Maa started calling herself a godwoman in her twenties. The mother of three is known to "bless" her devotees by dancing to Hindi film songs and hugging and kissing them, dressed in what can best be described as bridal clothes. She always carries a gold trident and is rarely seen without bling and over-the-top make-up.

Many of her followers insist she is an embodiment of Goddess Durga and has supernatural powers.

She has been accused of dowry harassment by the daughter-in-law of one of her disciples. The woman has said that her husband's family tortured her on the Radhe Maa's advice.