This Article is From Oct 06, 2017

Gauri Lankesh Murder: One Month On, Killers Remain Untraced

Gauri Lankesh is the only Indian to win the Anna Politkovskata Award.

Gauri Lankesh's family has been assured progress in finding the culprits by SIT. (File photo)

Bengaluru: One month on, the murderers of Gauri Lankesh have still not been caught. The Bengaluru journalist is the only Indian to win the prestigious Anna Politkovskata Award, which is given in the memory of a slain Russian reporter and political activist to female human rights defenders. "It's a proof that her voice has not been silenced by her death," says her sister Kavitha. 

"If they intended to silence Gauri, it didn't work. There is more knowledge than ever about her now. Her writing is being translated and questions are being raised about her work. 

"Some young people have come to me, scared about their future in journalism. I just wish Gauri had been there to guide them," Ms Kavitha told NDTV.

Gauri's brother, Indrajit said the family has been assured of progress by the Special Investigative Team.  

"We want to know who did this - and more importantly - why. I hope this month there will be progress," he said. 

Karnataka's home minister, Ramalinga Reddy, had said earlier this week that the killers had been identified - and that investigators were only making sure they had enough evidence for a watertight case. 

To mark one month since her death, rallies were held in different parts of the country. The murder of rationalist, Professor M M Kalburgi, shot dead outside his home in north Karnataka over two years ago, has still not been solved. The hope is that Gauri's murder does not remain one more unsolved case.