This Article is From Nov 27, 2009

Gandhinagar: Police raid Asaram Bapu's Ashram

Gandhinagar: The Ashram of Asaram Bapu has been raided by the Gandhinagar police in Gujarat.

Two hundred people have been arrested and some followers who tried to escape from the Ashram were beaten up.

Around 200 policemen raided the ashram to find out the culprits of Thursday's attack on police.

"We have detained people from the Asaram Ashram in Motera during a search operation," Gandhinagar Superintendent of Police Piyush Patel said.

He said that appropriate action would be taken against those involved in the attack on police officials on Thursday.

Patel further said no weapons or suspicious items were found from the ashram premises.

According to the police, the operation was carried out by a joint team of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar police.

On Thursday, a rally by Asaram Bapu's followers erupted into violence; the followers attacked the police, which was trying to keep them from entering the Collector's office.

Six policemen were injured, including Gandhinagar's Superintendent of Police.  The followers wanted to submit a memorandum to the Collector against local critics of Asaram Bapu.